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Template 1 PSD

Free Template 1

I created this template for anyone to use and use as a base. Its a quick layout that took me about 50 min to make.

Use it, change it, build on it. Just don't distribute this as your own or use to to make a template to distribute.

I know some people often struggle to create there own templates from scratch, so I just put together this one quickly for you to base your work on and build up from there.

Hit download to download the zipped file with Psd and Readme included.

Comments and favs are appreciated.

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Very nice Template!!Well done amazingly!!Keep it up :)Thumps up master
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You are a legend An1ken ..You made it for 50mins only.Thats a move of the master's ..Good job!
How did u make it in just 50min ?? I am designing same as yours and its 2Hours and i have just done 30-40% !!
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very good work
thank you very much God and Jesus Bless You
I LOVE THIS....AWESOME JOB in getting customers to view the topics.
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dis a pretty nice work i love it
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I'm wondering what handwritten font did you use for "template" word :)
This is great! I love how simple and yet visually stunning it is. My favorite part is the bold black line. It isn't straight, so it gives the webpage movement and is visually stimulating, but it is simple enough that it doesn't distract from the content. I think that's how all web design should be. Are you a professional designer?
here we need more person like u!!!
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Nice! I think a friend of mine could make some flash improvements on this. I will let him know about your template. Las Vegas Web Design
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using! Thanks will credit.
Congratulations! I've seen browsing a web site has codified this great design and beautiful site here is: [link] Great thanks to all!
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