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Krump It - Wallpaper

Wallpaper version for [link]

A Collaboration between me and :iconcrazy18gurl: check out her deviation at [link]

Been asked quite a few times for a wallpaper version of it, so here it is.



Favs and Comments appreciated.

Check out the original Deviation as well.

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It is through art, and through art only, that we can realise our perfection.
Oscar Wilde
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10 Points for me "@=An1ken" it awesome work
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this is amazing
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Love it.
Will be my wallpaper =]
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Glad you like it :)
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Awesome work!!..What kind of art is this and are there photoshop tutorials to learn it??
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Hi Bakkach, this is digital art/illustration, there isn't a tutorial for this piece currently. We might look into producing one in the future though.
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whered u get the original pic?
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Bought on
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wow amazing, now my background!
Thanks a bunch, setting this as my PC, Netbook and iPod Touch backgrounds :D!
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WoW Im honored. Thanks :)
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Nice idea of putting it on the screen like that ;)
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Beautiful. Thank you :)
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Really cool desktop, dude! :)
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