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'Why does this make me feel so sad?' [Bee Cosplay]

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"Why does this make me feel so sad …?”

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Series: Bee & PuppyCat
ReferenceDream Sequence 1
Switzerland (Home-shooting)
November 2014

Dream Fragments: Bee and Puppycat Cosplay by AN0RIEL

This is the result of a really small home-photoshooting I did with Izu! We experimented a lot & it was really fun!! It was a lot of work pre– & postshooting …We hung up the ribbons on the ceiling and then glued the end of them on the rainbow scratches I drew on before hand with mastix. The threads were then ps-magic'ed away along the ladder and the high-chair-thing! 

Do you guys know Bee & Puppycat? The series premiered yesterday and it's magical & wonderful!! To me, it feels like a smart mix of 'sad fairy tales', 'comedy', 'magical girl' & 'slice of life', combining both an air of wonder while still remaining strangely relatable and down-to-earth. (The stuff they say, man … & bee's voice! I love it.) 

I fell in love with the dream sequence in the pilot episode …something resonated in me in this scene. The magical pastel colours & the stars, the crystals …the way her being left alone was translated into rainbow scratches & ribbons and the way she said "Why does this make me feel so sad …?" just ––AH DUDE I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT i don't even know how to decribe it ;__; Heart

So it was an instant decision to cosplay it someday! 
Just didn't know I'd cosplay it so soon, but when I saw them holding a cosplay contest, I just had to participate! 
Luckily I could borrow the wig from my friend Izu (THANK YOU! Heart ) and I already worked out the concept of the shooting, but when i was half-done with the dress, I saw in the yt comments that they said it's US only … I was heartbroken!! But decided to participate anyway, just to show my love for the series.
And whoop guess what? WE WERE AMONGST THE WINNERS! >w<
And they will send me the prize nevertheless! YAY!! 
I even got a retweet by Natasha Allegri & was generally one of the best received cosplays I made …aw man I could cry, this cos just gave me so much satisfaction & contentment!
Definitely gonna make more Bee and Puppycat Cosplays! 

Construction notes:
I made the dress mostly out of left-over fabrics & tweaked the design yet again a bit more to my own preference …the dress is made from scratch & except for the sleeves completely lined in the same colour as the cuffs!I’m really happy I still had the buttons with star motives lying around – they fit wonderfully imo. I modified the design a bit to my own taste (puff sleeves, thigh-high socks & heels) but I hope you still like it! ♥ 

FUN FACT: Bee is my first magical girl cosplay.
After all those years of magical girl animes ……I REGRET NOTHING!!!

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Hello! I didn't know Bee and Puppycat before to see your cosplay, but your pics looks so awesome that it made me want to discover it. And it is awesome, and I really loved this!! Thank you for making me discover this series!  Little Pixel Heart Mini Bee