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White Raven: Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos



"You might be my creator, but you are NOT my father!
Fathers are kind. Fathers protect you. Fathers raise you.
I was protected by the monks of Azarath.
I was raised by my friends.
They are my family, this is my home and you are not welcome here!
Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos …!!"


:iconchikarasan: Photographer

:iconan0riel: Costume artist & model
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Series: Teen Titans

Location: Kassel, Germany

September 2013

About the Costume
Completely self-made and man, was I under time pressure! The leotard is made of faux stretchy leather in a slight off-white tone, as are the shoes. Wig is self-styled and the gems are self-made too. But there is still a lot I want to redo and make better for a reshooting very soon, I hope, maybe even with my pretty Starfire. (the form of her hood for example. I didn't have enough fabric left …) I also really love her appearance in season 4 episode 13, "The end part 3". Ah but I'm generally in love with all the Raven-centered episodes and I plan on making more Raven costumes. I felt very comfortable wearing this costume and I'm very happy I got to portray her, even if it was just a test run. So yeah, I'm really looking forward to re-wear it and re-shoot it with epic smoke or something.

My feelings towards Raven

Raaaveeeen oh my glob I have so many feels for her. She's one of my favourite character of all time and she did shape my childhood a lot. I loved how unconventional she was, how she was "not creepy, just different" and later, when I did more research and found out how she, despite her looks, is actually a very hopeful person, my love for her grew even more. Fighting against her destiny because she decided to be good, trying so desperately to find another way because she doesn't want to destroy everything -- it's very close to what I believe in myself, which is that there is always a certain room for our own deeds and influences, even within our "destiny". And it is completely up to us to decide what's right for us and what not. …… Plus I ship BBrae really really hard and Greg Cipes and Tara Strong are killing me with their tweets and instagram photos OTL
Sooo yeah. Lot of emotions flowed into this costume. This was really meant to be more as a test run, actually, and I am so very happy that I can, imo, pull her off quite well. (Do you even know how many favourite characters I have which I can not cosplay because my type doesn't fit …like, at all and I would just be unhappy with it? Too many! T_T Ahh so I'm really glad about Raven.) For all the BBRae shippers out there: check out "Metrion" by Veela. 10000% BBRae/ general raven feels. Haaaaah –!



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AWESOME! It’s not often that White Raven is cosplayed; drawn and animated sure, but rarely cosplayed.