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Shinsekai Yori: Broken Apple



"心のリンゴ 割れるなら青いまま"

This apple in my heart –– even if it breaks, it'll stay green.


"Shinsekai Yori" pulls a lot on my heart strings.
Also known as "From the New World", it's a 2008 produced anime by Kodansha and definitely a series worth watching. It's visually stunning, the art is beautiful and the story is smart, poetic, bittersweet (I awww'd, I cried, I screamed) and in the very end –– insightful, maybe even a bit comforting. I am super glad my friend & cosplaypartner Pummelpanda suggested to me this anime and ultimately got me into cosplaying it with her together. It was all in all a wonderful, very emotional project for me & it takes a special place in my heart.

The sewing process … oh well. Let's just say I'm not that satisfied with my crafting & sewing work here all in all since I still suck at time management, so the whole process was very stressed, but I enjoyed it immensely to wear & shoot it with my friends.  (Also loved all the discussion rounds about this anime with them) Now to m
y thoughts on Saki. Honestly, she seemed kinda plain to me in the beginning, but the longer I thought about her actions and reactions, the more I started to love her. I even go as far as to say that meanwhile, I really wish i could be a bit more like Saki… You see, instead of avoiding any deeper feelings, she embraces the sadness & pain of life, grows & gets better because of it ……she refuses to give in, to abandon hope –– she rises, lives on & tries to make the world a better place. Ah …dude I am so in love with her whole being.

So yeah. So much from my part.
I know this anime isn't very well-known, but I hope you enjoy nevertheless.

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Variation: Episode 10

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 Shinsekai Yori ■ From The New World【新世界より】

: Kassel, Germany

September 2013 – Connichi Saturday

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