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Matoi Ryuuko: Re:Birth [KLK]

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"…we'll be as one."

Whee I really like this one … all the energy!! >D

We actually did this shooting back in May during CuteMichiyo's visit @ my place! 
She was my cute Mako-chan & Paolo did the photos!…Only came around to edit them now 
because there was so much up in the meantime, but after watching the KLK special episode 
I'm absolutely down for this task! FEELS --> *editing marathon*

Mimi & I bought our wigs & costumes on Taobao and altered them, but boy …I did kinda 
alter a lot and in the end it took so much time after all! Mimi also helped me with that, thanks 
again honey! :heart: So in the end I redid both of Senketsus eyes, the skirt, the scarf-thing, the belt,
used and altered a completely different glove & made the scissorblade from scratch! 
Still – all in all it was a really inexpensive cosplay and I had major fun being the badass that 
Ryuuko is. Next time I wanna restyle the wig a better though!

Azur Cosplay Photography

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Series: KILL la KILL 

Location: Switzerland 
May 2014

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You make a really great Ryuuko, and fantastic job on making the scissorblade. I've noticed a lot of cosplayers of Ryuuko had commissioned their scissorblade from specific prop crafters (though not saying others haven't, for the sake of anyone wanting to hurt me for saying so :D), so it's impressive to see that you hand-made yours :eager:
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Ahhh thank you so much! I'm really happy hear that, haha!
And yeah, actually the scissor blade wasn't too hard to make since
it has a relatively simple design, but it still took me longer than I
wanted to since I didn't really have the right tools, haha <'D
I wish I had more time to sand it properly and to make the surface
reaally smooth, but oh well …maybe I'll get to correct it for next time or so <'D

I was planning to upload a little tutorial to make the scissorblade since 
some friends of mine asked me to do one …I'll put the link in the description as soon as I'm done. ; v ;
But again: thanks a lot for the compliment! it was a fun prop to make :D
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You're very welcome, and thank you too for the reply, it's always nice to learn more about cosplayers' work ^-^ I don't have that craftsmanship talent myself, but it's still interesting to read and/or watch about the process from those who do it themselves.
Being able to hand-make your costumes and props from scratch is a personal favorite quality to see in cosplay. ;P Though I wouldn't be able to tell from experience, I'd think that desire to keep correcting and improving things you create shows a lot of dedication to the work you do and characters you 'wear', so to speak. I'll make sure to watch your tutorial when you post it :D
Another quality I love to see is how in-character people can be, from poses that represent the character's personality or even so much as mannerisms or facial expressions the character could be known for; it adds a lot more 'depth' to how cosplay can be seen as an 'art' form. And you've definitely got that down in your work, too.

Well, didn't mean to rant like that. >_<   It's pretty inspirational to actually get responses to comments though (seems kinda rare most of the time), so thank you again for that :flirty:
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Hello again! Sorry again for the late reply /sob
I'm more active on my facebook page in case you want to keep in touch there as well >w<…

But I try to answer when i find the time to do so ,; v ;, b
It's nice to get feedback and start interesting convos!

And thank you so much for your compliments! I really do try to put an emphasis on canon portrayal of the characters ; v ;
There's still much to learn, but I'm super happy when people notice my effort! And I feel the same way about cosplay as an art form.
Also, I think you should try out crafting things if you really want to? Don't get discouraged! We all just need to start somewhere and there's always room for improvement! :heart:
It's part of the fun imo :D

Hope to talk to you soon! <3
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No problem on the late reply. It's nice to actually have a convo here, it doesn't happen much. And when I first got interested in cosplay, I started out on facebook. I don't go on there much anymore recently for an assortment of personal reasons no one wants to hear about ;P but I know people are usually more active on it. I do have your page there followed, though. :D To be honest I'm usually kinda anti-social, but have a lot to say when motivated to do so. Seeing/reading about your Ryuuko cosplay and making the sword yourself really got me wanting to comment on your work, and I'm glad I did ^-^

In regards to trying to craft things myself, my interest in being part of the cosplay community mostly has to do with the actual photography and photo-editing / digital stuff rather than the costume crafting itself, so I don't see myself trying that >_< but it won't stop me from appreciating the $%^&# out of amazing work you and others create and share @_@

Also been debating resubmitting my own artwork here again. My old account from around 7 years ago is long gone and I haven't touched my art in over 2 years, but hoping to change that ;_; Deviantart's changed a lot since then.
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Wow!!  This is SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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Ahhh thanks so much!! Happy you like it! :D :heart:
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You are so welcome!~ :heart: 
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ohh thanks so much >//v//< <3
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