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Asuna Yuuki: the Berserk Healer

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Another Shooting I did with Resa during her visit in August! 
This costume debuted in May at the bookfair in Leipzig, but since I really wanted a shooting at a fitting location as well, I'm happy I got to redo a few things until the shooting with her!Resa also helped me a lot with the sword and I had pretty much fun posing for this shot! It was at the lake nearby of where I live and luckily the water wasn't too cold either! Ahh I'm kinda bad at swimming, but I'm definitely starting to get a thing for water shootings! And shooting with Resa is just fun in general because she whole-heartedly went into the water with me! :D :heart:
I made the costume from scratch and it's one of my better made costumes. I worked more after the designs I found in artworks of the light novel series since I liked the concept and details there more than the simplified anime version of Asuna's Undine variant. Not sure how much you can see of this though.I chose to cosplay Asuna in her Undine form because I always wanted to cosplay an elf and someone blue-haired, and since I love Asuna on top of that, this variant was the perfect match! Also I love her nickname "Berserk Healer" – even if she doesn't, haha! 


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Series: Sword Art Online – Mother Rosario Arc 

Location: Switzerland 

August 2013

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really cool shot
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Thanks! Resa captured the right moment there >D
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Amazing! so beautiful ♥♥
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Thank you so much! ; u ; :heart: