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Asuna Yuuki: Water Fairy

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Another Shooting I did with Resa during her visit in August! 
This costume debuted in May at the bookfair in Leipzig, but since I really wanted a shooting at a fitting location as well, I'm happy I got to redo a few things until the shooting with her! Resa also helped me a lot with the sword and I had pretty much fun posing for this shot! It was at the lake nearby of where I live and luckily the water wasn't too cold either!  :heart:

I made the costume from scratch and it's one of my better made costumes. I worked more after the designs I found in artworks of the light novel series since I liked the concept and details there more than the simplified anime version of Asuna's Undine variant. Not sure how much you can see of this though …


:iconan0riel: Model & Costume Artist  Facebooktumblr

Reference pictures for the costume:
No. 1 

Series: Sword Art Online – Mother Rosario Arc 

Location: Switzerland 
August 2013

☙.  Short CV appearance  

☙.  Costume details 

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thank you so much <3
Mai-Suki's avatar
No problem! 💕
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Beautiful!💙 The way your in the water is amazing! the lace on your outfit is pretty and your a very Beautiful Asuna. I plan to cosplay her at my first Comic Con at home.😊
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wooow! so beautiful!Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
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omg thank u so much ;; :heart:!
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fantastic shot and amazing work on the costume!
my wife and i just started watchin SAO and feel in love....been a while since we said that bout an anime honestly :)
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Ahh thank you so much! :heart:
It's nice to read that you guys liked the anime that much as well! ,; v ;,
Still have to watch the SAO special where Asuna uses her Undine avatar! 
caiser4's avatar
saw it on youtube, very fun episode. 

if we weren't "old folks" we would so do Asuna, Kirito and our daughter as Yui... :P
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Thank yoooou ,,>__<,,
+ sorry for the late reply!!
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Homygod, that's very beautiful!! You're so lovely and the shot in water was a very good idea! <3<3
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sorry for the endlessly late reply, but thank you so much for your kind words! ;A; <3
I appreciate it! :heart:
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So welcome darling :))<3

You'll be at Polymanga 2014?
AN0RIEL's avatar
i'm the worst at replying, i'm so sorry OTL
I was not at polymanga ; A ;
maybe someday when the train ticket isn't that expensive anymore, haha! <'D

Will you be at a Zürich Comicbörse someday, though? <3
Dragomyra's avatar
No prob!^^

Yes i know, it's too expensive, that's really annoying. ;__;

Ho? Didn't know, what is it? Sounds interesting!

What i know, i'll be at Japanimanga Night, you too? <3
AN0RIEL's avatar
:heart:! ; v ;

Ahh it's nothing fancy!
it's just a comic market in zürich, but sometimes they hold cosplay contests, too! 

And no I don't like JAN – they don't allow you to bring your own water and personally, I'm someone who needs LOTS of water because I'll feel uncomfortable and just …not well without it! Hydration is super important and I don't want to support people who value profit over the health of their guests x_x! (also it's super expensive for only two days u_u)

But we can still meet up when you're in Zurich :heart:
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SWEET!!!! I really love this costume and the setting is amazing!!!
AN0RIEL's avatar
Thank yooou! :heart:
I gave it my best that time to make that costume ,; v ;, 
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You are most welcome :blowkiss:
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Aww Das ist n tolles Foto geworden ^^
ich finds krass wie klar das Wasser ist!
AN0RIEL's avatar
Haha! Danki Mexx!
Und maah don't be so naiv 8B
Wasser ist photoshop magic ;D
Aber wenn du und die anderen iwann mal zu Besuch kommt, seht ihr denn selber ,; U ;,
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