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Asuna Yuuki: Thinking of you

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Another photo of my SAO shoot with Resa last year!
This photo was rather popular when i uploaded the complete galery somewhere else, so i decided to upload it here as well.
Also …I really want to see more screentime for Asuna in the GGO arc! Eagerly awaiting Mother's Rosario Arc now *3*

Photographer: <"…">Resa
:iconan0riel: Model & Costume Artist  Facebooktumblr| twitter

Reference pictures for the costume:
No. 1 

Series: Sword Art Online – Mother Rosario Arc 

Location: Leipzig, Germany

August 2013

☙.  Short CV appearance  

☙.  Costume details 

© Please don't use without permission.

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You look so pretty and beautiful when you cosplay, you`re a great cosplayer, I love you`re light blue hair, it`s so pretty, so lovely, I love girl cosplayers, they look so pretty and beautiful when they cosplay, they are the best, Asuna`s ALO avatar is my favourite and you are the best cosplayer ever, I love cosplay posts on DA, the girl cosplayers thank me for complimenting them very lovely, sweet and kind, I love the lake part, it`s so pretty, lake scenes are the best photo shoots for cosplaying, I love Sword Art Online a lot, the girl cosplayers are happy when Im being very sweet to them.
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You look beautiful <3 I love this picture and the location is amazing!
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You look pretty, you`re a great cosplayer
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glad you like it! :heart:
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It's so damned wonderful! >.<
Want it! >.<
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Haha, that's so sweet of you! ,,>v<,,
Maybe, if the demand is there, I'mma sell some prints in the future ,,° w °,, :heart:
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Uh... Sounds like I need Money... Wait wait... Wait... I mean... I'm totally rich... And strong... And intelligent!
Are you interested to eat dinner with... Me?
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