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Asuna Yuuki: Fairy Dance [Titania | ALO]

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Second photo from the waterfall shooting in the Swiss alps with RomaiLee

There were tiny little waterdrops drippling all over the place due to the enormous waterfall! It was not only wet, but also cold 
and kinda windy for what? Within a radius of 10/15 meters?  It was a huge monument of nature, I tell you …we totally underestimated
the size! It was also kinda cold and windy, but soooo so very pretty and fun either way! (๑> v <๑)  It was a difficult location to work
with, but I do love the outcome of some photos so I guess it was worth the struggle, haha!

To be honest – This was more a choice out of love for the design than anything else, because I didn't really like the fairy dance arc. 
It was not believably written to me and I just don't understand why they turned Asuna into a mere plot device when she's actually
so frickin' badass BUT – I do love the concept of ALO, I love fairies and I fell in love with her Titania Avatar. I almost had all the 
materials already there and really wanted to try out making fairy wings …and I absolutely adore fairy tale like settings and wanted
to explore other places of Switzerland more …… so yeah, in the end, there were way more reasons for me to do this than not to. 
And I don't regret it the least! I hope you guys like it too! 

You can see how I tweaked the design more to my liking and how my personal taste influenced the whole costume.This includes
the wings! I tried to stay faithful to the most characteristic parts of the design, but added gold elements, delicate lace trims and 
ruffles at some point. I absolutely wanted to have a pair of more realistic looking wings as well, so I drew the shape after the
reference and looked up insect wings and how their wings look like to complete the whole wing design.

It was actually quite fun doing this whole costume and it was one of the most inexpensive ones on top of it. 
Took me a bit longer, too, though, since I had to add and colour some extensions for the wig length. 

Janine Küffer

:iconan0riel: Model & Costume Artist  FacebooktumblrTwitter

Series: Sword Art Online – Fairy Dance Arc

Location: Bärglistüber, Switzerland 
August 2014

© Please don't use without permission.

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Fairy Dance by AN0RIEL
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