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[Animated GIF] Raven - I'll find a way

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"You are not really here. You can't be."
"Sweet Raven –– I am always with you. You are part of me. Forever."
"Get out!! I won't become the portal! I'll find a way!"
"Oh, so will I."


:iconchikarasan: Photo-edit

:iconan0riel: Costume artist, model & photographer 
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Series: Teen Titans

Location: Switzerland


Belated "Happy Halloween!" you guys! 
( ᵅ ᴈ ᵅ)~♬
Really tried to make this Halloween special on time, but aww, didn't quite make it, now did I?
Anyhow – It took me kinda long since I'm not used to make gifs, but I hope you'll enjoy anyway! I must say that I personally quite like it … 
Took the photos myself in the middle of the night and I'm actually wearing my white costume that debuted in September already, but since I really wanted to make something halloween-y I decided to photoedit it. Well … ~ChikaraSan edited the photo for me! I was so bad at editing the colours on that she took pity on me and did it for me instead when I asked her to help me, haha! 
Love how it turned out and yeah … hope you do too! c:
Hope you guys enjoyed Halloween this year. 



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My dear, this looks so awesome! :faint: :wow:

The cosplay is very good and you make such a beautiful Raven! :nod: :aww:

Also, the GIF remembers me of old ghost-movies I saw, you captured the atmosphere of them very well. :) :clap:
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Haha, thank you so much! :D
And yesss I was going for that kind of feeling, so yay! :heart:
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This is really amazing! =D
AN0RIEL's avatar
thank you! :heart:
took me long enough u_u""
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I can understand it.. but it deserved the time! That's awesome! =D
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great cosplaying again :) love your artwork of cosplaying
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Thank you so much! :heart: 
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I'm fan ^^ and no problem. any time :D
This is so awesome! XD
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This is really, really cool. :D
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Holy Azar, the glow from the red eyes is creepy.
AN0RIEL's avatar
Haha! I was going for creepy, so yay!
 Hope you had a good scare >D
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It was, indeed, quite a surprise.
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