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Mommy forced me into this! - Part 3 of 3 by An-Old-Otaku, literature

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My Bio

I'm an old Otaku now retired. I once was a serious hiker and xc skier but now I'm content with serious photography and writing instead.

Residence: Southern Ontario (Little snow, lot's of freezing!)

Interests: Anime, Audio/Video, Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Adult Fantasy

Favourite genre of music: Classical

Fav Movies: L.O.R., Star Wars, Starship Troopers, Forbidden Planet

Fav Animated Movies: Titan A.E., Monsters vs. Aliens, The Incredibles

Fav Anime: Kiki's Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke, Patlabor 2, Ghost in the Shell, Princess Nine, Angelic Layer, Gundam Seed, Kamichu, Girls und Panzer, Kan Colle.

Fully recovered from my cataract surgery and I've got my first shot of Pfizer's! So I should be back to normal postings from now on barring any further problems!
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Just had cataract surgery on my remaining eye. So expect 3 to 4 weeks delay on further postings as I recover.
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Just a heads up that the next few parts of my "Charlotte's new home" series could be considerably delayed! As I've had to spend all of the last month or so updating and configuring a brand new computer system. Not to mention hours upon hours learning all the quirks and new features of Windows 10 and last but definitely not least coping with and recovering from cataract surgery on my left eye which made reading and viewing the monitor a difficult thing to do. So bear with me until I get caught up with my writing. Which hopefully will be before I have to get the second eye done? At which point it will start all over again....... :slow:
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My Favourite Collections


Everything of a general, fantasy or family nature will get posted to the featured favorites page first. Then later moved to the individual collections. Adult fav's will be posted immediately to the furthest down Adult collections.

FANTASY AND SCI-FI DRAWINGS, PAINTINGS - Pretty much as the name implies. Mostly fantasy and mostly family friendly.

FANTASY AND SCI-FI 3D, CG, PHOTO, FLASH - Same as above except in 3D, CG, photo & animations.

COSPLAY AND PORTRAITURE - All the best of the best. 90% family friendly. Adult stuff is further down.

CUTIES AND.... FAMILY / COUPLES / FRIENDS / OTHERS / PINUPS. Five folders all drawings and paintings. The 1st is the most family friendly, the 2nd and 3rd slightly more mature, the 4th more non human and fantasy and the fifth most adult. But lots of overlap so expect to find cute and some dark in all the folders.

CUTIES, OTHERS 3D and CUTIES, PINUPS 3D - Two folders similar to above but in 3D, CG & Photo.

COMICS, HUMOR.... FAMILY / OTHERS / ADULT. As the names imply but with lots of overlap.

DAMSELS IN DISTRESS DRAWINGS, PAINTINGS - Just mostly simple bondage. Anything of a more serious nature, fetish, couples, gay or molesting is further down. In numerous folders.

DAMSELS IN DISTRESS 3D, CG AND PHOTO - Same as above in 3D and CG formats. Also Second Life, Photo Manip's and Adult Photography. In numerous folders.

TG, FETISH, BOYS, 3D, CG AND PHOTO (Mainly 3D) and TG, FETISH, YURI AND BOYS IN DISTRESS (Draw's/paint's) - Here you'll find a huge assortment of bondage drawings, paintings, renderings, etc. that are MORE than just simple DID bondage! In other words, that have elements of sado/masochism, contraptions, intercourse, gay, crossdressing, etc., etc.

Plus everything else of an adult nature from boys in bondage, adult babies, age regression, transformations (human to animal, boy to girl), spanking, tickling, leather, rubber, pony play, an incredible variety of fetishes and anything else that doesn't fit in the normal bondage above. Expect a crossover with the DID folders though as I can't always decide where a drawing/rendering should go. In numerous folders to prevent endless scrolling.

DID, TG, TF or YURI STORIES - Same as all of the above but in multi-posting story lines. More than 5 or 6 parts in a story line will go here. In four folders.

Anyhoo, the main intention is to make it easier to find what you like and to highlight those little gem's that you may have over looked and be given a second chance to discover! Enjoy........

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Perfect art gallery love it

Awwww thank you very much! :hug:

You're so welcome

Thanks for the faves!

Thanks for the Llama Badge.

Greetings from Italy.