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KW2: Pandalily

He had no idea why he wanted to do such a silly thing. It wasn’t like he was suddenly professing his love for her; he told her daily how much he loved her, and she expressed similar sentiments (sometimes wordlessly, and he really liked it when she did that). So why was he, on their recent visit to Makapu, climbing the craggy cliffs of the volcano? Why, when he slipped slightly, did he grit his teeth and airbend himself a little higher?

He had no idea why he was so determined to get a pandalily, but at the same time... he didn’t care. Within his mind, he could see her smile blossom as he handed it to her. He could imagine the happiness in her eyes, the words (something similar to, “You’re so sweet." ) rolling off her tongue. It elated him and drove him forward.

Once he’d reached the top, he wiped his sweat-coated forehead and let out a long breath. It seemed harder getting up there than it had a year ago. His eyes caught sight of his prize, and he couldn’t help but grin a little.

The trip back down was much easier.

Aang wove through the crowd, the flower gripped in his hand. He really had no idea what he was planning on doing, other than seeing her smile. His search went unsuccessful, however, and he wondered if she had gone to the river nearby. Water had a certain pull on her, after all....

And, of course, he was right. She was a drop of blue in the green of the trees and grass, sitting near the waterside and humming quietly. Swallowing, he watched her for a moment, taking in the features of her curling locks.


She turned to look at him, eyes lighting up happily. “Hey, Aang,” she said as she stood, brushing off her backside and giving him another glance. “I was looking for you earlier--where were you?”

Suddenly... he had no idea what he wanted to say. No, that was wrong. He knew what he wanted to say... but the words evaded his mouth, and he ended up stuttering. “Katara... I, um... well, I kind of got this... for, um, you and....” Smooth. He sounded so smooth. With a groan of embarrassment, he thrust the flower toward her, not even able to hide his rosy cheeks.

“Oh, Aang...,” she whispered. Accepting the pandalily, she studied it for a moment. “Where... why...?”

He shrugged, taking a step forward. “Just... just because.” That wasn’t even right, was it? It was because he loved her. Because he wanted to see her smile. Because he wanted to make her happy... because she did all of that for him. “I lo–”

Her lips were over his seconds later. Gasping at the intense pressure of the kiss, he felt her press closer, her arms pulling him to her. After a moment of racing thoughts and blushingly debating what to do, he returned the kiss with just as much fervor.

When they parted, their breath small puffs against each other’s faces, he raised a brow. Teasingly, he asked: “And what was that for?”

“Just because,” she replied with a shrug and a smirk.


I'm behind on Kataang Week (GO ME) partially due to it being the last week of classes before finals, and partially due to me semi-killing my tablet pen on Sunday. It's working now, so... um, I'll try to catch up.

Not sure I like how the picture looks, and the fic is pointless fluff. I'm such a sap... heh.

I hope you guys like it, at least~ :heart:
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EEEEEEEEEE!!!!! :squee:
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Pointless fluff is needed sometimes to make life better :P Check out my story it is in my Jourals :meow: It's Bl so I don't know if you like Yaoi :3 Try it?
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e.e I love Kataang Fluff!

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lol, that was supposta be..

*thanks for the :iconfavplz:
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Yay for sappy fluff!
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:iconblushingplz: *happy pile of kataang happified goo*
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*tries to reshape goo into a person*

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Oh, I see Aang finally gave Katara the Pandalily!!! Must of taken awhile for it to grow back after being destroyed by all the lava.
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Haha, maybe so~

Thanks! c:
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GAH! It's PERFECT!!! :tighthug: :woohoo:

The picture and story are amazing and fit them extremely well. (Funny, I had a similar idea! XD)
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Thank you! I'm glad you liked it~ :heart:
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aww!! so fluffy!!! :faint: this is exactly why I love kataang so much ^^
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Gah, I love you so much! :glomp: You draw pretty pictures and write cute stories to go with them! :faint: You win!
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great fic and pic! the fluffy-ness, oh the fluffy-ness!
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way to go this is awsome!:w00t: i have to say it seems that there are not as many people in the second kataang week as the first. that makes me sad.:tears:
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cuteeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! :excited: i love the kiss scenes, and the colors and pose on this one :clap:
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Wonderful job! :love: I love it!

The fic is sweet :heart:
Go Kataang!!! :iconanimefaceplz:

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OMG I LOVE YOU. :heart:

The story was unbelievably sweet, and I love the coloring; lineart. :nod: Job well done! :thumbsup:
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Fanart + Fanfic = Awesome adorableness! :D (Glomps) Sweet! :D
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