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I thought why the frickafrack not

How long have you been on DeviantArt?
-Three years, since February 2, 2012
What does your username mean?
-Truly, the Amy was meant for Okami Amaterasu, since I was obsessed. The Wolf part from me loving wolves <3. The 45? I have no idea. .c.
Describe yourself in three words.
-Bored, tired, hungry.
Are you left or right handed?
-Ambidextrous, but if I'd have to say, right, is the hand I use the most.
What was your first deviation?
-A crappy, first piece of Paint that I ever did, of my character, Gracie. I have improved much since that time.
What is your favourite type of art to create?
-Digital is my favourite, but I will go with traditional.
If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
-Drawing humans. Cats are my specialty, people? Ehhhh- not so much. ._.
What was your first favourite?
-A picture of Shadow The Hedgehog by Shaylo-Arts, but I've long left that fandom.
What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
-Digital, but a simply stunning artist out there, does both traditional and digital. His art is simply amazing.
Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
-Oh my gosh. This is hard :c But it would most likely have to be DarkRapier 
If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
-Definitely angel-etc 
How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
-Truly, there has been a lot of deviants that have impacted me, but the most would have to be a deviant that inspired me, and was always there to back me up when I was upset, or needed help. I won't ever forget them.
What are your preferred tools to create art?
-I usually use my mouse for drawing, but I have these really fancy drawing pens for special traditional art.
What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
-I usually do it either, in my room, or at a library, seeming since both are naturally very quiet, and I like that.
What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
-Hitting that first year mark, knowing "Hey! I've been here for a full on year, to show off my art to a butt ton of people, and I'm slowly growing in people who are interested in seeing me draw! That's frickafracking amazing!"
This'll be posted later...
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1. Cats or dogs
     -Cats o3o
2. Favorite food
     -Actual food: Nigirizushi (Hand-pressed sushi
     -Snacks: Pocky
3. Ever come close to death?
4. Favorite band
    -My Chemical Romance
5. Website you couldn't live without
6. Anyone ever save you emotionally or physically
    -No, but they're trying
7. Worst fear
    -I have three .-. 1) Inanimate objects coming to life, 2) Puppets, 3) Heights
8. Dream job
9. Anyone you need to say sorry to atm?
10. Favorite youtubers
      Natewantstobattle, Patterrz, and Markiplier

1) Favorite band/singer?

2) Favorite candy?

3) Addictions to?

4) Beast youtubers you know?

5) Senpais you hope notice you

6) Most hilarious quote

7) Stupidest best friend, yet you still love?

8) Favorite video game?

9) Favorite book(s?)

10) Have a mutual hatred for anyone?

PsychoPathie  (I'm so sorry xD)

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The stream has ended
Daniel lost like
7 maybe 8 Pokémon?
I don't know.
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Okay, so I'm pretty far into OR but I need a fire type! Any suggestions? I was thinking like Torkoal or Slugma/Numel. I can't rely on my Mightyena to have Fire Fang the whole game. Here's my team
Marshtomp lv. 26
Electrike lv. 20
Kirlia lv. 24
Mightyena lv. 24
Swellow lv. 24
That's the team I've decided on but just needing a fire type so desperately without a secondary 3ds to switch my 100 Blaziken over from Y isn't helping at all, I'll take all suggestions for a Fire Type


Swampert (Stormtail) lv. 60 ::: Dive, Rock Smash, Surf, Earthquake :::
Mightyena (Amaterasu) lv. 59 ::: Fire Fang, Shadow Ball, Snarl, Crunch :::
Swellow (Toaster) lv. 57 ::: Brave Bird, Steel Wing, Air Slash, Fly :::
Gardevoir (2Manyfeels4u) lv. 57 ::: Calm Mind, Psychic, Magical Leaf, Dazzling Gleam :::
Manectric (Rakurai) lv. 54 ::: Discharge, Bite, Thunder, Volt Switch :::
Torkoal (Fatality) lv. 54 ::: Strength, Body Slam, Overheat, Flamethrower :::
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K, guys! I just got the new windows 8 and I NEED SOMETHING TO DO. Writing in my suicide book brings back bad memories but I've got nothing better to do? Any requests or something?

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If you don't care: stop reading.
If you'd come to my funeral: fav this.
If you'd miss me: comment a heart.
If your not scared: re-post and see
Who your "Real Friends" are 
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Hey guys, Amywolf45 here with a quick little update! I'M SO SORRY THAT I'VE BEEN GONE, I'VE BEEN HANGING OUT WITH MY BOYFRIEND AND I JUST KEEP GETTING OFF TRACK. I haven't died! I swear by the end of this month, I will have everything in the past time that I've drawn up here with everything. And once again, I'm so sorry guys! If you thought I left I didn't! I would never leave my amazing watchers! Anyways, Dark out!

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There is a HACKER :angry:  going around, and goes into DA accounts only to post pornographical videos and pictures, ESPECIALLY on men accounts. Also, this hacker thinks it's funny to post, on journals, that they hate their watchers. They usually say "I hate you all. So go die or some other ****". Now, I have a friend, CakeLovesCake, who recently just activated her account(YAY!!!) and just then, GOT HACKED! Luckily, she was able to quickly erase everything the hacker put on there. Also, this hacker erases EVERY SINGLE ONE of your watchers. Now, you have been warned. Go spread the word. QUICKLY.


And thank you so much for the inspiration. I got hundreds upon hundreds of cards telling me not to die. Thanks so much for the support. I won't be dying tonight :) (Smile)
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Just to let everybody know, I will not be getting on DA for the next week until Saturday but only to reply to comments, not to post art. Until I get things better at school, I will not be getting on DA, I just wanted to let you know so you didn't worry about me for not getting on. I promise when this is over I will be posting art that I have been drawing before today and some that I'd have time to work on. So please don't worry about me, I'm fine and will be back Saturday to have a quick chat!


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There's this hacker going around that will post pornographic pictures to your gallery/On your page. Especially of a male's nether region's. So, If he finds that you posted this to a journal or your page he'll know you know what's going on and won't hack you. Please repost this for your safety! I don't want all you getting hacked, ect.!!!
Oh yeah guys if I am ever mean to you or black you are post unusual stuff or send you really mean notes or comments my account has been hacked so please know this
                          Angelstar’s Time of Dying Part 2
It had been two moons after Angelstar’s death and the new leader Redstar would do his best to stay away from her, he thought her psycho ways could easily wipe out his Clan since Leaf-Bare was just about to end but it had been tough and prey had been scarce…
          ~~END OF RECAP!!!~~
Redstar thought it would be a good idea to try and get Demonstar down a life which means she might be too weak to fight back and Redstar could get the Clans together to bring her down once and for all! But apparently Redstar thought wrong, when he led LightClan to battle, Demonstar was sitting smack dab in the middle which looked like her deputy and a few other warriors by her ‘This isn’t going to be easy’  Redstar thought to himself, then the deputy turned back and looked at Redstar going through the barbs “It’s Redstar!” It shouted and Demonstar look behind her to see Redstar about to pounce on her. Demonstar unsheathed her claws and ran to him giving him a good slice to the face which Redstar yelled: “Retreat!” Almost right then, turning around and darting out of there with his Clan in front “And don’t come back!” Demonstar screeched… ANOTHER WEIRD ENDING PART 3 COMING SOON!!!

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay so by edits I mean that every week I check the Nintendo site and see whats up for Pokémon and other games (The reason is because I couldn't think of their names XD) anyways, first edit of the year! ::: Only 2 more weeks until Pokémon X and Y are released! If you go there before October 20th with either: Pokémon Black, White, Black 2, or White 2 (If your like me and have white 2 and didn't even purchase the first one but knows the whole story line :icondragonxdplz: ) You can get a FREE Shiny Giratina Lv: 100 at Gamestop! I will be there Oct. 12th to get X and my free shiny giratina :iconshinygiratinaplz: So! If you've been looking for a shiny Giratina get one at Gamestop before Oct. 20th!

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Hey guys! I went to the beach about a week ago and I'm back! I got a little burnt but i'm able to type and draw! It was really nice I loved it, I didn't want to go back! But I did cause I wanted to stay near meh family. Well that's about it..... My shoulders hurt..... Well bye!


I am having a 20 watchers commision for people who have watched me and liked my art! If you want to be part of it, just become one of my watchers (Then become one with Mother Russia, Da?) I will draw anything you like!
Hey, mah peeps. Ive been busy lately so i wont be posting comments,drawings. Also i might permantally get off so i need some time to think about it cause im catching up on homework and it sucks >.< but anyways if I do get off permantally i want all of my friends,watchers and other to like my artwork still!!!!!