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Devi from KingKiller Chronicle :D

Our feisty moneylender is the one Kvothe goes often. Turns out that she once was the Arcanum member, and she's really, really good with alchemy and sympathy. You just can't mess with her..

So, here she is! I had to draw several sketches of her before I came up with a final version of Devi. I went through so many hairstyles that I think I can become a hairdresser now. :lmao: But in the end, I came up with a simple, spiky short hair. I think it suits her the most--and I love her strawberry blonde hair. It's one of my favorite hair colors on women :nod:

I randomly came up with her clothes, so it's questionable whether she would ever wear such clothes--with a corset! Who doesn't like corsets?? :XD:

Anyways, hope you enjoy!

p.s. abstract background is....abstract. :iconderpplz::iconderpplz::iconderpplz:
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Fantastic work! She looks just like how I picture her in my head :) On my YouTube channel, I have a series talking about Kingkiller Chronicle Lore. Would it be okay if I used this picture for my upcoming Kingkiller vid about Devi? I would of course make sure to leave a link to your art and profile in the description.