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[updated]- major nose fix

Auri from The KingKiller Chronicle :D

She's a former student of the University, and lives University's underground (called"Underthing"). She seems to have been a victim of a psychological defficiency caused by the pressures of the university; hence she runs away when asked personal questions. Poor thing. :(

She also has hair so fine in texture that seems to move on its own.

If you haven't read the book, I highly suggest you so do! :D As you can see, I'm still drawing fan arts... I feel like I will continue them for decades...



anyways, hope you enjoy :XD:

ps. To all the KingKiller Chronicle fans, does anyone know what color are Fela's eyes?
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She's just like I imagine her! So sweet and fragile..Your work are all so beautiful<3
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This might be my favorite of all the Auri art I've seen!!
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Looks like Luna Loveggod! :iconiwantitplz:
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Auri is so sweet! I love the way you captured her floating hair.
Her dress looks like Éowyn's from The Lord of the Rings.
TheGreatWarrior's avatar
So pretty :iconfinallyplz:
You've done her so much justice <3
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This is JUST.... Priceless.
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Thank you! Yes! This is exactly how her hair should be! Gorgeous!
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Awesome. Just... awesome. Auri is (with Elodin) my favourite character from the books, and you pictured her just as I see her in my mind. 
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Her face is amazing, so pretty^^
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OMG! :-D That's exactly how I picture Auri in my head!:-D
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This is adorable:love:

I'm pretty sure Fela's eyes are green.
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Wow, beautiful..
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Dat hair, swirling with the wind looks great.
Lykaios-Cullen-Lupin's avatar
Omg, that's exactly the way I imagined her! :|
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Auri's awesome ain't she? Great pic
This picture is amazing. But to be honest, the way you portrayed Auri's appearance is not how i first imagined her, however, every time i have read any of the KKC since seeing this photo (an uncountable amount of times), i could not imagine her any way other than how you drew her. You did an amazing job of kicking my imagination's ass.
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Oh my goodness, I-I don't even know what to say--I feel all warm and touched and and just happy. Thank you so much, this means truly a lot to me ;_;
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Aww she looks so sweet!! Auri is one of my favourite characters...

The fanarts you're doing of KKC are awesome!!
Im totally inlove with both books, and Auri is one of my fav characters, and this drawing of her is just perfect!!, her hair, her innocenece and shyness, just perfect!!!, i also totally loved the way u portraited Felurian and Fela!

I love your work!!!
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I looked through The Name of the Wind, and in Fela's initial description, all it says is she has "clear, bright eyes".

Chapter 38. :)
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This fine piece of Auri commemorates the milestone of "50 followers" for the blog!


Thank you for your art!!
Very beautiful. She reminds me a bit of Luna Lovegood. :)
Just her clothes would be a little more ragged (at least in the part as far as I have read).
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