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Milkyway: Folder icons!

This is my first large icon package. Took me the whole weekend to make, but I think it was worth it. Hope you think the same. Enjoy!

Contains 27 different icons.

Available in:

Vista: 256px - 32 px
Leopard: 512px - 32 px
And 512px png

I have zipped the whole package and its 17,8MB!

If you uses them in any of your screenshots here on dA, plz write in the comments and I'll fav it ;)

Blue version: [link]
© 2008 - 2020 aMyrup
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I don't know if you still make icons but I love this set. I use it with objectdock on all my computers at work and home. I was wondering if you took requests.... I have tried to make ones for my own use but I can't seem to do it right. I have been trying to make a folder icon for Box Sync.
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I still do icons but i haven't made new ones for this pack in ages - and I'm not sure I will be making any in the near future. But if you have any request you could just put them in a comment here and I might just take a look at them when I feel like it :)
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... And thanks for the comment <3
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these would go with the gray theme on my vista...thanks
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Glad you like it :)
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JosephYangHobbyist Digital Artist
Love it :) Downloading now~
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Thx mate :D
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Nice icons, I have featured your set on my top 10 icon set list on my graphic design blog, Help Developer, link below

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Great. Thank you! :D
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I'm liking the white version more. Thanks for the share!
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problem with download in mac it's .ico instead of .icns.
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Just re-download the file. I have just updated it with .icns instead of .ico. Hope you will enjoy them. :)
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These are looking good:#1:
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Thank you so much :D
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nice iconset. very good looking!
but less gloss, more textures and shadows will make it much better!
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I like them shiny. Thanks :D
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I like the folder, featured on [link]
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Great. Thanks, mate :D
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Very nice set. That weekend paid off indeed. I like the colors, everything, the details.
As a suggestion, could you do them on blue pastel tones?

Thank you for the release.
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Here you go: [link]

And thanks for the kind words. Very appreciated! :D
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