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.: Toy Wars (Chapter [I] 2of2) :.

By amygdalon
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... Now,
... it is time for ...
... ToyWars ... Chapter [I]

... new Heros killing old Heros ...

... .: Toy Wars (Chapter [I] 1of2) :.
... .: Toy Wars (Chapter [I] 2of2) :.
... .: Toy Wars (Chapter [III] 1of2) :.
... .: Toy Wars (Chapter [IV] 1of2) :.
... .: Toy Wars (Chapter [IV] 2of2) :.

(... will be a serie, still in progress ... do not know yet how many pictures ...)
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Oh my God! Poor old ones!!! Disbelief Oh Noes! 
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I can just imagine you setting that up...
Just like, putting band aids on a stuffed animal
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ha this reminds me of a NCIS episodes how they cut the scene in black and white like a photo at a crime just before the ads...:)
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It seems like we have to deal with a maniac murderer. I see only dog plushies here.

*blows a puff of pipe*
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Ich mag die ganze Serie. Super inszeniert!
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I liked the bandaids on the butt... my little sister always puts bandaids on her toys and i always thought it was kinda strange.
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There is trouble bruin. 
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Wow! What a visual! Did the bear robot commit these crimes or is it investigating them? It really stirs the imagination! I love the band aids on the one animal!
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WWWWHHHHHHHHHYYYYY!! not the stuffed animals great photography though!
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grin wink  keep up the amazing work <3
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yes and your super good at it too!Pick Me 
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yeeahh - nice concept) ---- teddy,teddy - to kill ready :-)
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:-) thank you ...
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Very nice concept. I'm not sure but maybe it would be more suggestive if you would do it without "bodies". The question is if it will be visible that it's toy. I really like it :-)
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:nod: thank you, ... i did some pictures without bodies, no it is not clear enough ;-) ... thanks again, glad you like!
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Damn brilliant. Very creative and original
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:-) thank you very much!
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