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I've seen you fall
all the way down
from the highest wall
now now, there there
turn that bloodied frown
upside down.
That is, if you can ;)
:iconamyflofire96:AmyFlofire96 1 0
Slowly We Move Fast
Drip Drip Drip
Drip Drip Drip
Drip Drip Drip Drip Drip
The water slowly drips down
the overflowing bath tub
everything is forgotten,
hazy at the moment,
as we move together
bodies, lips, tongues
clashing, fighting, dancing,
trying to overpower each other,
doing the waltz and the cha cha cha.
The water spreads, slowly,
surly, across the floor,
seeping underneath our toes.
:iconamyflofire96:AmyFlofire96 2 0
Are you as surprised as I am?
The ice cream is starting to melt
dripping down your fingers
your lips and your chin
I know what I said,
now shut your mouth.
:iconamyflofire96:AmyFlofire96 1 0
Dust In The Wind
And the world falls away
the darkness falls upon us
the silence screams in out ears
everything is dust in the wind.
:iconamyflofire96:AmyFlofire96 2 0
Falling In Love
Let the world explode
the skies darken
and the heavens and hell fall apart.
Let the earth break away
the waters dry up
and amidst all the chaos,
let us fall in love
all over again.
:iconamyflofire96:AmyFlofire96 2 0
In The Quiet
I live in a city,
situated in a fragile
glass bottle
that sits
on your bedside table.
We live our quiet lives
in shades of black and white
Not knowing or caring
for the world outside.
To us the sun and the colours of the world
are just strangers we've never heard of.
We may not have your dreams,
but we have something you do not.
We have wings,
of silky grey.
And when I have my own dream,
I will spread my wings
to their full extent,
push up against the glass
and break free.
Our world will fall into yours
and we will bask
in your sun.
:iconamyflofire96:AmyFlofire96 4 1
Identity Theft
The world seems to slip away,
disappearing on us,
falling away from our eyes.
Everything seems to go dark
and I don't know who's who anymore,
if I'm still me and you're still you,
or we're whole new people
and a joke on identity theft comes to mind,
and I feel like giggling, but I'm too sick for that,
bile threatening to push up my throat and greet the floor
'Hello. Hi. How do you do?'
There's a wetness in my hands
I wonder if I'm crying
I blink. Oncetwicethrice.
The darkness seems to recede
I look down onto the red on my hands,
my body, the floor and you.
I close my eyes and tilt my head up
I'm kneeling, it's as if I'm in prayer.
I open my mouth,
wondering what holy words I may say
but all I can think of
is an Eminem song.
'It's three am in the morning'
after all.
:iconamyflofire96:AmyFlofire96 3 0
I'm Already Gone
I wasn't here to begin with not really no maybe it was all a dream who's dream not my dream was it yours I wonder a beautiful one though it felt like it was mine was it really a dream or was I really here though I don't feel like I was I can smell leather it smells addicting as good as cigarette smoke oh yes yes I can imagine one now pursed between my lips inhale and breathe out addicting I can see your eyes following my tongue as it sweeps across my lips can you see my eyes sweep across your face as addicting as leather and cigarettes I feel like a coffee dark black and sweet bittersweet lots of sugar and no milk perhaps I'm made for writing after all shame about my distrust for alcohol tastes wrong in my mouth what would you taste like but I'm not really here I walked out a long time ago I'm already long gone do you remember when I left?
:iconamyflofire96:AmyFlofire96 3 0
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Fear me. Please?
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A photograph of mine has come out on my school's online magazine. They are having this photograph of the month contest, and it would mean a lot if you guys would vote for me (No, I don't care if you aren't in my school, whatever.)

Here is the link:…

Where they ask for the number of the photograph, it's 15. Remember that. 15.

It would mean so much if you guys voted. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.



[EDIT!!: Today is the last day you can vote! PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!!! :D]

[edit2: Check me out on the teenink website!… ]

[EDIT 3: DID NOT WIN F#$&%!$ :(]
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