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Ze Magic Muh-duh Bahg

Ze great Dr. Killinger putting his "magic murder bag" to good use. Subtle match-maker that he is, he has given Triana Dean's "secret secret secret hank-stay-out" diary. And Dean has been gifted with the Illustrated Big Book O' Kama Sutra (now with glossier insets than ever). The concept still hasn't sunken in and he has a few more seconds before his mind simply shatters.

Inked with a brush, colored in PS.
Dr Killinger, his magic murder bag, Dean Venture, and Triana Orpheus (c) Adult Swim's Venture Bros.
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Y'know this would probably be even more effective than what the Master told Triana at keeping her as far away from Dean as possible.

Which would mean that Killinger's goal wasn't match-making, but...!
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I'd love it this was an episode!
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zis brings me joy. :icongoteamventure:
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This looks awesome! I love the facial expressions, so awesome :D
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I don't have time for this beautiful drawing, do you know how many hours i work
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I like this a lot! If it weren't for the Dean+Triana saga I don't think Venture Bros. would interest me nearly as much. I love how sweet and innocent the Dean character is.

I might have a shot at meeting Michael Sinterniklass later this year! I'm excited!
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Haha, no way! That's pretty awesome. Dean cracks me up :D
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But the last season (a year ago?) had them split up right? :o
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I can just see in my mind Dean's poor mind shattering into bits when he figures out what he's looking at.
poor thing X3

I love this.
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lol, yeah... poor kid ;)
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Dr. Killenger is awesome, and always knows the right things to say/do.
The murder bag pwns all :D love the magic murder much as I do and for that you are awesome.
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Haha, thanks! :D
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LOVE LOVE LOVE! :love: So perfect.
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Amazing fan art! Absolutely amazing!! Check this out: [link]
I just adore the concept of Triana and Dean and I can't wait to see if their "relationship" pans out in season 4 (already in production, so I've heard!)
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Aww, can't wait! Dean's naive obsession with Triana is hilarious :D
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:nod: I just watched the last episode of the season (this has been a season rather Triana-bare and I feel a little gyped (sp?). (but if you haven't seen the final two episodes for this season, it is amazing!!!) so I guess I'll just have to wait and see what season 4 holds. :)
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That's awesome! Faves!
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