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Maru by amyanimalover Maru by amyanimalover
New OC, I had to make a bunch of info on her for a competition held at a forum I frequent xD, so here it is:

Superhero name: Maru

Description of Power: The ability to move things that are spherical or circular in shape. She can control these objects to the size of a beach ball right now, but who knows? She may eventually end up moving the very globe she lives in if she grows too powerful. Maru does have trouble controlling sand and sediment or any smaller, due to the size and precision needed to neatly move them, so she doesn't bother with that.

Symbol: The home made badge that secures her jacket in place, also the same symbol sewn on to the sides.

Age: 14

Personality: Maru is bubbly and bright, cherishing her gift as a gift from God. She loves nothing better than setting up intricate displays of razzle dazzle using her many coloured orbs and moving them in choreographed brilliance. Maru collects them from her surroundings, ranging from marbles, buttons and badges, pearls and pebbles, cotton balls or baseballs and many more. Through her power, she's grown an obsession of hoarding these items and carrying them around. She's not afraid of using her power since she is too thick-skinned to notice any gossip from her peers. Her uplifting spirit manages to dissolve all but the most stone-cold characters.

Description: She likes to wear light clothes that are easy to move in. She's also a keen rollerblader and likes to skim around her concrete hometown. Maru is basically a human with a special ability, rendering her at a disadvantage to super beings.

Background: At first, her parents thought they were haunted by a poltergeist, until they realised these movements were caused by their own child. Although shocked and bewildered, they still loved her very much. They have asked for her never to use her powers out in public. Maru tried very hard to follow their words but after being inspired by a speech made by a teacher, (basically telling the class to embrace who they are) she embraced her powers to the fullest.

She's experimented with her powers a lot when she manages to find large open spaces. She can pitch her objects at the speed of 300 mph, faster than any known baseball player in existence. She's also able carry unwary sleeping rodents that have rolled into a ball, and even tried carrying her rolled up laundry down the stairs before.

Until this day, Maru hasn't figured out why she's able to do this very strange form of telekinesis, but she lives for the present rather than the past and has stopped searching for answers. Her gift comes in handy for daily life to disabling any crime she may spot.
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cassle Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2011
Whoaaa, so cheerful and full of spirit!! :)
amyanimalover Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeeey, thank you~!
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Aw this is too adorable!! :)
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Thank yee~!
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