Bos FBX Importer/Exporter for Blender 2.77

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Bos FBX Importer/Exporter for Blender 2.77 (Windows 64-bit Only)

Download link:…

This addon is based on Bos FBX Importer/Exporter created by Kazuma Hatta.  The original can be found at
Blender 2.77 uses Python 3.5, therefore the original Bos FBX Importer/Exporter does not work anymore.
This addon is built with original source code with boost 1.6 ( and Autodesk FBX SDK 2017.0.1 (…)
The Python code is modified to use the UMIO.pyd for Python 3.5 and the umconv_bos_fbx2017_win64.exe for Autodesk FBX SDK 2017.0.1.

1. Copy umconv folder to where Blender is installed.
2. Run Blender
3. Open User Preferences.
4. Select Add-ons, then click Install from File.
5. Locate the, then click Install from File.
6. Enable the Add-ons, then click Save User Settings
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No entiendo nada no hay un tutorial o algo

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No entiendo tu pregunta
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It's this support 32 bits?
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No, it is not.
If you have the developer's tools, you can try to make the 32-bit version yourself. 
I have all steps of how I did the 64-bit version are listed at Bos FBX Importer/Exporter for Blender 2.80 (Win64)
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I'm looking for a updated FBX importer for a long time. Thank you for this.
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you're welcome
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Hi amyaimei, it makes me happy to see people are still creating alternative addons for Blender.
Have you contacted the Blender developers about incorporating your fixes into their native addon?
First let me say thank you so much.  I was very lucky to find this.
Took a few tries to get it setup, but got it to handle a genesis 3 character that the default add-on wouldn't import.  One thing I don't like is it mucks with the material names even though it finds all the textures.  It appears to just default them to untitled#.  I decided to try and build it myself and see how hard it would be to fix this.  Not fun, but your instructions were straight on.  I finally got it building after updating my VS2013 to CTP 5.  Now I am going through to see where best to fix the naming.  Because you seem to understand this code base, do you have any suggestions on how I can fix the material naming? If I get it working I would gladly share it back here with your peeps.  If not, I still wanted to thank you.  I was really glad to get my character into Blender with all her blendshapes.

Oh I also noticed the scale is quite off I would be nice to fix that or to add that as a possible setting in the add-on.
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Sorry for late reply
Have you seen my journal about the new version I built?
I provided the details of how I built it
I try to figure out how to solve the issue you mentioned, but I still haven't find the root cause
For your information, the development version of Blender has an improved fbx import/export script. You may want to try that
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I am confused on where you put umconv.
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umconv has to be placed under where Blender is installed, i.e., same location where you find blender.exe.
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Alright. Thank you. It works. :)
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Blender 2.79 worked. sankyuu
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you're welcome
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You're welcome.  Use it only if the FBX importer comes with Blender fails to import your file.  Personally, I only use and test the import, not export.
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I have problem with model that I imported from modo as fbx and have to put it into unity. 
I lost materials and smoothing groups and it has holes in blender : / what is wrong?
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Have you try the FBX importer comes with Blender?
In some cases, the FBX importer comes with Blender works better than this.  I use this importer when the one Blender has failed.
Yes, there are some issues with the materials.  Sorry, I don't have the skill to fix it.  I'm still learning.
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I tried :C everything failed
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Have you ever try to check the FBX with Autodesk FBX 2013.3 Converter (can be downloaded at…)?

I use that to convert some hard to convert FBX into OBJ.  You may also try to convert the FBX to the version that Blender supported.

modo supports OBJ export, right?  Try that to see if it is OK, note that the armature/bones cannot be saved in OBJ.

Unity can take FBX, see…
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