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Sailor Mercury Cosplay Costume for G8F (3 styles)

Sailor Mercury Cosplay Costume for Genesis 8 Female

The package contains a conforming Sailor Mercury Cosplay Costume for Genesis 8 Female and basic textures.

There are 3 styles for the skirt.

The skirt's movement is controlled by 12 bones and corresponding weight maps.
These bones are child bones of the Abdomen Lower.
The names of these bones:

The material presets are included for both gloves and boots for applying the Sailor Mercury colour scheme.

The pose presets are included in case the pose of the feet has to be corrected.

This package requires the followings to work:
DAZ Studio or above
DAZ Genesis 8 Female

Copy all files under the Content folder of this zip archive to your DAZ Studio contents folder.

Feel free to use for commercial and non-commercial art.
Please do not redistribute in part of a package, for free or for sale.

If you like to support me, please donate points here or make monetary donation using the PayPal "Make A Donation" button at
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thank you so much

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you're welcome :thanks:

How could recolor it?

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You will need to change the surface's colour. I have an example:

Sailor Mars Addon for Sailor Mercury G8F

Thanks for your help,I succeed

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Good! I hope you enjoy using it

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The file is gone. I just need to refresh the browser to fix the mistake for the better.

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dA always has this issue. I'm glad that you've got it.

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Thank you for the notification.

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Thank you - this is lovely.

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You're welcome :)

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Thank you , Very beautiful outfit.

202009  01 12
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You're welcome!

Nice render. Wow! This is your first dA picture :clap:

You may try to use the rig that controls the skirt portion to pose the skirt in such pose. If you can do dForce, you can turn the skirt portion to dForce compatible, it should work because the skirt is made with one piece of continuous mesh.

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Thank U for the outfit. Ur the best

Sailor Merory Scaning signe
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You're welcome.

Thank you for using it. It is nice to see the outfit being used :thanks:

Best I've seen. Thanks!

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You are so amazing!
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Sorry, I missed your comment. Thank you.

FYI, I noticed there are free materials for my freebie. You can get them at

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I don't suppose if you know if this works with Genesis 1?
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It will not work with Genesis 1.  If you have some kinds of converter, you can try to refit it for Genesis 1.
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Awesome! I used on my model, it looks awesome!! Thanks!!
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Thank you for using it :thanks:
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