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Rainbow Sandals for Genesis 8 Female

The folders layout for this package is not the same as what I used to do.  Hopefully, it is easier for someone to use it.
The package contains two versions of conforming Rainbow sandals for Genesis 8 Female, the sample texture, and the template for making textures.

RainbowSandals_L   - The Rainbow sandals with regular strap (left).
RainbowSandals_R   - The Rainbow sandals with regular strap (right).
RainbowSandalsNS_L - The Rainbow sandals with narrow strap (left).
RainbowSandalsNS_R - The Rainbow sandals with narrow strap (right).

This package requires the followings to work:
DAZ Studio or above
DAZ Genesis 8 Female

Copy all files of this zip archive to your DAZ Studio contents folder.

Rainbow Sandals is a registered trademark of Rainbow Sandals, Inc.
This package fall under the special categorization of Fan Art, that is, a model or piece of 2D/3D art that depicts a design, logo, product or character originally conceived by a third party artist or company not related to the maker of this package.

Feel free to use for non-commercial art.
Please do not redistribute in part of a package, for free or for sale.
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sad idk whats the problem on me it turn to boxes do you know what's the problem here im really new

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Please take a look at the PDF I posted at ExtractFreebies for details. If you still have problem, please show me your DAZ Studio logs.

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Thank you very much everything is lovely, congratulations on your work

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Thank you very much! Love these!
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You're welcome :thanks:
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you're welcome :thanks:
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Out of curiosity, is it possible to have a pair made for males?
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It should be able to fit on G8M without issue.
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You're welcome.
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Looks good, Amy. I'll have to give Gen 8 a spin for these. :)
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I just shifted to Genesis 8 from Genesis 2 or 3. 
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