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Amy AiMei for Genesis 8 Female (morphs only)

This package comes with Amy AiMei's full head and body morphs for DAZ Genesis 8 Female.  No texture is included.

This package requires the followings to work:
DAZ Studio or above
DAZ Genesis 8 Female

Copy all files under the Content folder of this zip archive to your DAZ Studio contents folder.

Steps to load Amy AiMei for DAZ Genesis 8 Female:
1. Load the DAZ Genesis 8 Female.
2. Select the DAZ Genesis figure.
3. Go to the Parameters tab.
4. Select the Actor->People->Real World.
5. Select the dial "Amy AiMei Head".
6. Set the dial to 100%.
7. Select the dial "Amy AiMei Body".
8. Set the dial to 100%.

- Amy AiMei is 170cm in height, which is shorter than DAZ Genesis 8 Female.
- This package does not require any morphs package.
- This package is tested with DAZ Studio

The image is rendered using DAZ Studio with 3Delight.

Updates can be downloaded from AmyAiMeiMorphsG8F
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Please try again. It seems that it is dA's issue.

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love this Thank's

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You're welcome. There are some minor issues with that version. The update can be downloaded from

Amy which skin texture do you use for this character in your renders?

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this is my own texture for 3DL. not for sharing. sorry
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File no found!:(
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The file download is provided by dA.  It is out of my control.  If you cannot download anything, please refresh and try again.
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Thanks a lot!  I really love all of the Amy AiMei figures.  I often use them, at least partly via the dial, as a base for other custom figures I create. 
I have a question -- what hair product do you use in most of your renders? 
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Thank you for using my figures.  I used Koz's Messy Hair and Studio Maya's Yuna Hair.  The current one is Samantha Hair ( Manually modified and remodeled for my figure.
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I have a question, when you have some free time:
Did you make this using head morphs from DAZ? 
If yes, is it OK to share it? 

I'm a bit confused with the morphs (if they 're offered for free) .. :hmm:
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I did not use any of head morphs from DAZ to make that.  I used the Blender's Sculpt tools with many tiny adjustments on vertices level.  The major disadvantage of doing it like that is incompatibilities with others morph-base expressions.  The rig-base expressions work well.  In fact, even the rig is adjusted.
In short, if you are using the head morphs from DAZ to make your own morphs, do not share them.  I think it is not OK. 
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Ok, thank you for the advice. I thought you would say something like that, 
because DAZ morphs belong to DAZ, so we can't share them for free. 
Got it! ;) 
Thank you :hug:
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That's why I'm not in morph making :)
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Yes, it makes sense. :) 
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Just met this beautiful girl, you did a fine job there.
Thanks for sharing her, she is gorgeous.
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Thank you :thanks:
Please make sure you get the updates.  The link is provided in the description.
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You're welcome
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Well, gosh-darn, got to be the prettiest Genesis 8 yet....

Um, well, the commercial ones have all been 'handsome' at best so far...
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Thank you!
Thanks for all :+fav: too :)
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Thank you :)
Thank you for :+fav: too
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