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Amy AiMei for Aiko3 and Aiko3 LE

By amyaimei
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Amy (AiMei) for Aiko3 and Aiko3 LE
May 1, 2013

The package contains a head morph, an eyes adjustment morph, two minor breast morphs and texture for Aiko3 and Aiko3 LE.

She was created with Blender 3D, DAZ Studio, GIMP and Notepad++.
She works in DAZ Studio 3 and above, and she should work in Poser 5 and above.

This release uses the two minor breast morphs from the previous release from 2007.

The head morph from the release dated April 14, 2013.

In this release, you will find 2 characters, one for using with Aiko 3 LE and one for using with Aiko 3.

The major improvement to this release are:
- Fixed Scale
- Fixed Eyes Position and Scale

Applying clothes to this release should be a lot easier than the previous one.

In this package, you will find the followings:
CR2 - The base characters with the morphs included.
It uses the readscript function to get the Aiko 3 LE or Aiko 3 installed at your computer.
All morphs are under the group amy_aimei at the BODY level.
All morphs, except "ShowNipple", are hidden and set by default. The eyes should be moved and scaled properly.
ShowNipple - adds nipples to Aiko 3
ReduceBreast (hidden) - reduces the size of the breasts of Aiko 3
ReduceEyeball (hidden) - reduces the size of the eyes of Aiko 3 for using with eyes scaling
AmyAiMeiA3 (hidden) - Amy head morph
MAT pose - It applies the texture to the character.

Steps to use the morph:
1. Load the AmyAiMeiA3LE or AmyAiMeiA3 from character folder
2. Load the MAT pose

- The scale I'm using is the based on DAZ Studio, i.e., 1 Poser Native Unit = 8 feet.
- I'm using metric system in Blender to create the morphs. Amy is about 170cm in height.
- She is tested in DAZ Studio

Clothing and hair are not included.
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I think I have your 2007 version! It has done well so far. Even so, the updates show that you improve your products, so I will grab this one and replace the one I have already!

Thank you Big Time! ;D
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You're welcome.  I hope the new one is easier for user to fit clothing on.  From time to time, I'll make some freebies for Aiko 3.  Even with the new Genesis 2, I still find Aiko 3 is my favorite character to work on.  
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Another update on May 1, 2013. Fixed overall body scale. Actually, I've to redo the scale.
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Just updated. The new files are dated April 30, 2013. Fixed the eyes and body scale.
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Thank you. I thought the original worked well and didn't think perfection could be improved. :D
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Thank you, Amy!!!
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Hopefully, the eyes are fixed properly for Poser. I'm a DAZ Studio user, I do not have the latest Poser to test my stuff.
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Thank you for the updated character.
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Thank you very much!!!
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