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Welcome to my place for expressing myself in 3D art form.

My ID here is amyaimei because they don't allow the use of "_" in the ID. At many other sites, I use amy_aimei.

Sorry, this is not a warning message.
I will not comment or fav any potentially inappropriate content, i.e., the content that is referring as NSFW in most cases.

Feel free to use my freebies in my gallery but do not redistribute in part of any free or commercial package.

I may take commissions but my timeline is very unpredictable because I've only few hours to work on all my 3D interests per week.

Tools of the Trade
Blender, GIMP, DAZ Studio
I just want to let everyone know that @lonely000000 is posting nonsense at my comments section. I kept those postings to show you the evidences. I tried not to block anyone. I hope I can continue keep it that way.
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I'm too busy these days. I don't have chance to submit my freebies to other groups.
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Lesson Learned

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I never expected a pair of simple socks will cause a lot of troubles. I finished the modeling in Blender and exported it as OBJ in order to transfer it to DAZ Studio as usual. In DAZ Studio, I tried to clean up some unwanted faces and groups with Geometry Editor. I never expect this action started a series of failure. Everything seems to work fine in DAZ Studio. Then, I collected the files from where I saved them and packaged them into my newest freebies. After I posted it, @eblank reported that it crashed DAZ Studio. Then, @Riukent also reported the similar problem with additional information. Then, I started to investigate the problem. In my DAZ Studio's logs, I noticed some warning messages with the text "WARNING: ..\..\..\..\..\src\sdksource\shapes\dzvertexmesh.cpp(1347): Vertex index ... for line ..., vertex .... out of range (...)." Immediately, I knew these vertices must be those being deleted. Then, I opened the DAZ Studio files and found the group that I deleted
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Thank you so much for the llama badge, Amy 😊

You're welcome :thanks:

You are hurting view count of my gallery. You are using your supporters to bully me. I'm a loser. But many guys like me want to see a loser puts a diva like you into the scene of DID. I love you and I love you in peril.

I've remade your "Creepy Place" Come and take a look. Amy, you are breathtaking when your breath is taken from you. :heart:

Amy, I want to let you know that out of your 1.8k watchers, there are many like to see you in perils and bondages, or even hurted and killed. You should thank LostBrave for all. He introduced you to me. I'm not lying. LostBrave rendered you in NSFW renders. He is the "wolf." You fell into his trap. You should check and ask all these watchers to unwatch you in order to save your reputation. You could close your account here too. No one will miss you but I will. I did all these because I love you. LostBrave left because of me too. I know it means you lost a person who supports you financially. If you need money, sell your stuff, don't make them free.

I admitted I made mistakes in the past but it is history now. I never block anyone here. I hope I don't have to. Feel free to unwatch me.