Hello Everyone,

If you follow the blog on our main site, you likely know that I have been struggling with a few health issues over the past few years.

Last December I went for a surgery on my right eye to try and 'correct' one of they symptoms, as I'm told the actual syndrome I have is incurable. All they can do is try and fix things as they fail, and help me manage the pain.

The surgery put me out of commission for a few weeks, as it was very difficult to look at a computer screen or any source of light.

Unfortunately, not only is the symptom coming back, but something has gone wrong and the vision in my right eye is starting to degrade rapidly. This likely means they need to do the surgery again. :(

If you are interested in doing a piece of guest art for the Amya comic, please send me a note or contact me by e-mail, admin@amyachronicles.com. It's a great chance to pimp your style to our readers, and will take some of the stress off me in regards to to uncertainty ahead. If it is decided I need the surgery again (Which seems very likely at this point) I will need pieces to post over a four week period.

Thank you for your time, and have a great day!

Best wishes,

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