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Summer Time! (No watermark version)

By amy30535
Hi! Long time no see!
It'll be printed as coaster and sell on Taiwan brony party!^^

Oh, btw, I'm going to start working at online game company. I'm so nervous.;u;
8/23 update
The brony party is over, and all coasters are sold out! Thank you!^^
I upload the no watermark version, hope you can enjoy it!
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Rarity's towl looks like bacon.
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Wow!!! This looks just too cute and lovely!!! Love it!!! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:
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Summer's always short. But you can enjoy it even more with ponies!

Wonderful work
Excellent job! I love it!
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The only one wearing a swimsuit is Pinkie, the others are naked at the beach.
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Looks great!  :thumbsup:
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Haha Raritys mat looks like bacon.
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Fucking delightful, all six of Spike's friends having a blast without him. The artwork, colors, faces, and poses are all wonderful, and it has an explosively fun quality to it that looks like it's leaping out at you (not just because of the ponies' arrangement), but it's also another example of what I hate about MLP. No good feelings here.
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Aw, this looks amazing!! :love: 

And congratulations on your new job! I'm proud of you and know that you will do very well. ^^ 
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Aww! How adorable! But if it's not too much trouble, could you perhaps upload a version without the watermark? Your pictures are all very cute and it would be wonderful to be able to enjoy ones like this and the filly picture set without the watermark in the way

(If you're worried about it impacting the sale of your coasters perhaps replacing the file in place now with one that's unmarked  after the event? (-^u^-) that way even those of us who have no way of attending can have a chance to fully enjoy your cute pictures)
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Sure! I update a new version, hope you can enjoy it!^^
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The MLP cast is so awesome! :D
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i loooove this style, very cute 
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This arrangement is the same with Equestrian Fantasia. Good job.
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Awesome! twi's the cutest:D but you drew all of em good.
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