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Apple Family!!

I finished season 3 finally!!!
I really love apple family! And I love apple jack especially!<3<3
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Lovely family! :iconsnuggleplz:
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anyone ever notice that if you take the mane and coat colors of Applejack, Big Mac and Apple Bloom that its basically three colors just used differently on each of them?
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Apple Jack is my girl! She is like a good country type of pony! I have always loved her!
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Their personality are really well represented, with their expressions, places, and positions.
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This is really perfect. :heart: (\s/)
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Applejack doesn't get enough love; it's good to see a great picture of her and her family.
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Thank you for your kind words.^^
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And yeah, I think Applejack is the best as well~
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YEAH!!!(ง•̀_•́)人(•̀_•́ )ง
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I absolutely love the lighting and shading on this! So bright and warm… :D
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Thank you so much!^u^
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(sings) "We Are Family!" [link]

I couldn't resist! :D
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A very nice song!:D
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Cute little Apple Bloom!
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You're welcome.
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Yay, Applejack is best Pony <3
Love your work, especially the warm and shining colors :)
+watch and +fave :)
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I couldn't agree with you more!!<3
Thank you sooo much!!;;u;; I'm so happy!^u^
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Nice work.

This is adorable looking.
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