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crystal7 by AMX-269 crystal7 by AMX-269
After I watched Two Best Friends Play "killer7" for one of their annual "Shitstorm" specials, I ended up becoming really into the game's story...or, at least, the little story you can get out of it. Somewhere along the way, I came up with this.

It took me a while to decide to use Pearl or Peridot for Dan Smith. In the end, I chose Peridot because she tends to be a big talker sometimes, like Dan.

Amethyst is Mask de Smith for obvious reasons. I figure she shape-shifts into the Purple Puma when she's actually fighting.

Garnet, the resident cool-headed African-American, is Garcian Smith. And before you ask, yes, there's a reason Garnet has only two eyes in the picture.

I ultimately chose Pearl for Coyote Smith because of all the artwork I found by various crew members depicting her in leather jackets and jeans. I drew the line at the cigarette smoking though (keep those lungs healthy, kids).

Lapis plays the part of KAEDE, with a crack on her dress instead of blood spatter. Also, gushing water is a little less creepy than blood pouring out your wrists to break through barriers.

My Gem OC, Emerald, is Kevin Smith, since they're both voiced by Silent Bob. ;) But seriously, I now feel like when Emerald does speak (through her gem), it should sound like the Remnant Psyches in "killer7."

And finally, Steven is Con Smith, even though their personalities are completely different. Just imagine that instead of Con saying "Fuck you" when landing a critical hit, Steven will just say "Sorry!"

Also, Rose Quartz is Harman Smith, since their actions in their respective stories end up causing a lot of the conflicts.

Steven Universe (c) Rebecca Sugar
killer7 (c) Suda51
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October 12, 2016
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