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Yume Nikki-Kitty...? by AMX-269 Yume Nikki-Kitty...? by AMX-269
Yeah, I'll admit it: what first got me interested in this obscure, strange little downloadable game was a YouTube video about Uboa. But as soon as I learned more about these two characters, I had to pump out a drawing of them.

For some reason, I don't really see Madotsuki as a truly mentally disturbed person. I see her more as a scared little girl; someone too scared to leave her room because of all the scary stuff that might be outside. And when she dreams, she sees all the "scary stuff" she thinks is outside, which are actually gross exaggerations. She's not stabbing creatures because she wants to; she's stabbing creatures because she's trying to defend herself. Having numerous dreams filled with surreal landscapes and threatening-looking individuals is going to put anyone on edge; so entering a white spaceship and finding a strange man all dressed in black with wonky eyes probably isn't going to be comforting.

Meanwhile, Seccom Masada, the kitty-loving piano-playing loner, is surprised to see the kitty who's suddenly appeared in his ship. He also notices that she looks scared. So, being the nice guy he is, Masada decides to go over to his new kitty friend and reassure her that he's not going to hurt her.


I don't think it's working.

Yume Nikki (c) Kikiyama
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November 10, 2012
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