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Where is my Heart? by AMX-269 Where is my Heart? by AMX-269
Afraid to lose control,
And caught up in this world.
I've wasted time, I've wasted breath,
I think I thought myself to death.
I was born without this fear,
Now only this seems clear.
I need to move, I need to fight,
I need to lose myself tonight.

-KONGOS, "Come With Me Now"

This is a little tribute I made for "The Black Heart," the Mugen-based game by Andres Borghi. It's kind of ironic, I guess: I can't seem to figure out how to play most fighting games to save my life, and yet I'll find myself becoming completely fascinated by the characters. This game is no exception. 

I'm pretty happy with how the tree came out in Hashi's (upper-left corner) portrait. It took me a heck of a time to figure out how to get Noroko's (top) pose to work (it's supposed to be a POV shot where she's up on the ceiling). Peketo's (lower-right corner) was easiest to figure out; I knew I had to draw him holding his severed head. I'm actually surprised at how well Animus (bottom) turned out; I think that pose suits him well. I'm pretty happy with how Ananzi (lower-left corner) turned out too...except for her legs, so I cut most of them out. And if you can't tell, Shar-Makai (upper-right corner) is supposed to be wearing a muzzle and chained to a stake. Finally, the heart in the middle is modified clip art.

If you want to know more about "The Black Heart," here's the link to its website:

"The Black Heart" (c) Andres Borghi
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August 5, 2014
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