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Visions that Haunt Me in my Sleep by AMX-269 Visions that Haunt Me in my Sleep by AMX-269
The island bathes in the sun's bright rays,
Distant hills wear a shroud of grey.
A lonely breeze whispers in the trees,
Sole key to this mystery...

Okay...this is pretty much the result of me playing ICO and Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse days within each other. And to try out some new shading techniques I've learned.

This picture of Sam & Max running through Manhattan behind a headless Statue of Liberty is based on the Japanese game cover of ICO, which in turn is inspired by The Nostalgia of the Infinite, by Giorgio de Chirico. Somehow (mostly by listening to "You Were There" from ICO), I was able to draw some parallels between the relationship between Sam and Max, and Ico and Yorda.

Sure, Sam and Max are clearly sociopathic, but they're willing to do anything in their power (and sometimes out of their power) for each other because they're best friends; that right there is admirable. Likewise, the only way Ico and Yorda are able to escape the castle they are trapped in is by working together. Both games involve a pair of best friends, and how they're willing to do anything for each other; in a way, it's beautiful.


Man, I find comparisons in some really weird pairs...

Sam & Max (c) Steve Purcell
ICO (c) Fumito Ueda

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January 30, 2012
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