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Revamped Artist by AMX-269 Revamped Artist by AMX-269
I've recently caught the Psychonauts bug again, and because of it, I decided to create my very first drawing of 2012: a revamp my Psychonauts OC, Artist.

This is basically my attempt to draw Artist in Tim Schafer's style. I also gave him some wardrobe changes: he now wears a striped undershirt under his T-shirt, and he wears a belt to hold two paintbrushes instead of a sash with multiple brushes. I've also decided to modify Artist's backstory, which was first suggested to me by my buddy Porcupine-Pen.

Name: Artist Amadeus Amtueos
Gender: Male
Hometown: Savannah, Georgia
Age: 18
Birthday: June 11
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue and Hazel (has heterochromia)
Likes: Art, the sky, kids, pianos, country music, skeletons
Dislikes: Noise, small-talk, stupid people, discrimination
Bestest friend: Salvadore Beritoli
Nemisis: None, except maybe people who just dismiss him as a freak
Psychic powers: Can bring anything to life with paint and his imagination
Don't let his deep, monotone voice (complete with a Southern accent) fool you; there is a lot of depth to Artist. His parents, Dahlia and Victor, were only teenagers when Artist was born, and they never married. A musician and a painter, respectively, Victor and Dahlia both encouraged Artist's powers when they first manifested; a six-year-old Artist had brought his drawing of a cowboy fighting a pirate to life. However, as the years went on, tension grew between Dahlia and Victor. Finally, when Artist was twelve, Victor abruptly left his son and his partner. Being a sensitive, deep-thinking boy, Artist thought it was his fault that his father left; this, combined with other people's disapproval of his quiet, standoffish disposition and his parents' relationship (Artist being called a "mistake"), left Artist with a negative self-image of himself for many years. Despite his low self-esteem, Artist maintained his powers and love for painting during his teens, while he and his mother (who was constantly trying to make ends meet) moved around Savannah. However, by the time Artist became seventeen, he couldn't handle the whispering behind his back about himself and his mother; he found a pamphlet for Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, and set out on his own in hopes that he could get help. However, on his way there, Artist strayed too close to Thorny Towers Asylum, and the high concentration of Psitanium; this caused his now-repressed emotions (namely, his Rage) to resurface violently, forcing Artist into a coma. Artist remained undiscovered in the woods near Thorny Towers for a year, his eighteenth birthday passing in the process. It was not until a chance encounter with Razputin that Artist was able to regain control of his emotions and come out of his "Rip Van-Winkle" state. The experience helped Artist realize that the place he was needed most was back with his mom; he went back to Savannah the first chance he got. Things are better for Artist now; his parents have reconciled, he has a best friend, and he has embraced his status as a quiet, introverted, piano-playing child-loving psychic painter.

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January 1, 2012
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