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People who Threw Away the Will to Live by AMX-269 People who Threw Away the Will to Live by AMX-269
Hey, guess what, everyone? I still can't draw flames! Yeah, I'm not afraid to admit that this isn't one of my better drawings. It looked a lot better in my head; I swear!

But anyway, here's the story behind this little piece. I hadn't really been keeping up with Adventure Time for a while, so I decided to catch up a little and watch some of the newer episodes I missed. One of them was "Evergreen," which hadn't really caught my attention from the few previews I saw of it. But when I finally watched it...


It's not every day you see what's basically a teenager snap from years of neglect and disappointment right before your very eyes. But seriously, Evergreen...what exactly did you think was going to happen when Gunther put that crown on? The kid worships the ground you walk on, despite the fact that you treat him like dirt and that you apparently make promises you don't keep in regards to teaching him magic. And it's only until he pretty much turns into the same exact monster you are and you see exactly what you've done to the poor boy that you're even willing to consider that you might have made a mistake.

And then a few seconds later, you're killed by a comet.

If there's one thing I like about Adventure Time, it's that these writers are capable of delivering so much background information in such a short span. Now a whole new set of questions and answers have been revealed!

On another note, this drawing's title comes from the name of one of the tracks from "Chrono Trigger." I thought it fit, especially since this episode shows that the Lich entered the world in pretty much the same way Lavos did.

Adventure Time (c) Pen Ward
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February 22, 2015
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