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Mystery Skulls OCs-Angelina and Almond by AMX-269 Mystery Skulls OCs-Angelina and Almond by AMX-269
As I excitedly announced a few days ago, Mystery Skulls Animated recently aired a new music video, which I highly recommend watching:…

Anyway, the song used at the end of the video is called "Hellbent," and many people have theorized that that's the song that will be used for the next video. Well, after an afternoon of listening to "Hellbent," I came up with an idea for this supposed video, and these two were born. Meet Angelina and her younger brother, Almond.

Name: Angelina
Age: 22
Blood Type: A
Occupation: Freelance graphic designer
"Actual" Occupation: Part-time worker at family-owned business Eye Spy Gift Shop
Favorite Shows/Games: Fantasy/Simulation (Steven Universe/Roller Coaster Tycoon)
Favorite Food: Mini bagel pizzas
Instrument: Pedal-string guitar
Favorite Animal: Lizards

Name: Almond
Age: 10
Blood Type: O
Occupation: Arts & Crafts Expert
"Actual" Occupation: Kid
Favorite Shows/Games: Adventure/Open World (Adventure Time/Minecraft)
Favorite Food: Cookies
Instrument: Tambourine
Favorite Animal: Bugs

So, my idea for the "Hellbent" music video was about Arthur, Vivi, and Mystery stopping at the Eye Spy Gift Shop, which is one of those middle-of-nowhere shops. The shop would sell cultural items, including wards used to expel evil spirits made by Almond. While the gang were there, Lewis would catch up to them and try to confront them, only to cause the shop's wards to react. The video would end with either Shiromori or Arthur's possessed arm (or maybe both) attacking the store and cornering the others. Oh, and at one point, Angelina would whip out a shotgun to match the gun-cocking sound in the song.

I think it sounds cool, anyway.

Mystery Skulls Animated (c) Mystery Ben 27 & Mystery Skulls
Angelina & Almond (c) AMX-269
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April 17, 2016
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