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Luigi's Mansion-Did you miss me? by AMX-269 Luigi's Mansion-Did you miss me? by AMX-269
Luigi clutched his Dual Scream in his left hand as he slowly walked down the hallway of the latest mansion he was to explore. Having gone through other mansions had not done much to calm the green plumber's overwhelming anxiety, and it wasn't helping that he was now experiencing a frustrating setback: ever since he first set foot in the mansion, the Dual Scream's communication with E. Gadd had been disconnected. That meant even if Luigi could get back outside again, there was no way E. Gadd could teleport him back to the lab. So, unfortunately for Luigi, there was only one option left: clear all the ghosts out of the mansion and hope that would solve the problem.

Suddenly, two things happened at the same time that made poor Luigi stop dead in his tracks. First, his flashlight clicked off. Second, the temperature inside the massive building seemed to drop about ten degrees.

Teeth chattering (from cold or fear, he wasn't sure), Luigi frantically began to get the flashlight to work again. But as he did, one last thing happened that made the poor plumber's heart drop into his stomach. A low, creepy, familiar cackle echoed throughout the mansion. was impossible! Luigi had defeated him already...right?

As the cackle reverberated off the walls, Luigi began flicking the flashlight button even faster, quietly begging for the little light he had to come back on. Finally, after what seemed like forever, the little bulb flickered a few times, and began to shine again.

Luigi was about to give a big sigh of relief...until an icy voice from right behind him made him lose all feeling in his legs:

"Hello, my little green friend. Did you miss me?"


And that is how I hope King Boo's reappearance in "Luigi's Mansion-Dark Moon" will be like. Now if only it would be spring already...!

Luigi & King Boo (c) Nintendo
Kyuubi1112 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
Nice story.
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January 8, 2013
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