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Kingdom of Earth OC-Mick by AMX-269 Kingdom of Earth OC-Mick by AMX-269
My third Kingdom of Earth OC, Mick.

Name: Mick
Age: 14
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Birthplace: Unknown
Family: Real family unknown; lives with step-parents
Friends: Abby, Galleria
Hobbies: Exploring, watching Abby and Galleria compete
Special Abilities: Being "cool"
Backstory: Unlike Abby and Galleria, Mick was not born on Vega Island. One day, when Abby and Galleria were younger, Mick just sort of...washed up on the shore. He has no memory of where he lived before Vega Island, or who his real family is; for now, he lives with step-parents. He is usually seen with Abby and Galleria, and considers them his closest friends. He also treasures the friendship bracelet Abby made him, but while he's too "cool" to wear it on his wrist, he will hang it on a pocket chain he always wears. Even though Abby and Galleria are his best friends, Mick does know his place; he is first to admit that Abby and Galleria don't know him like they know each other.

Mick (c) *AMX-269
Kingdom Hearts (c) Tetsuya Nomura
Porcupine-Pen Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Nice design for the "Kairi" part, being played by a member of the opposite sex. :) I like the way he seems kind-hearted yet a tad cockey. And his bracelette being strapped to his shorts is a very nice touch. :D
AMX-269 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2008   Writer
:giggle: I figured it would be weird if Mick walked around wearing the friendship bracelet on his wrist, so I decided that attaching it to a chain would make him look "cooler." :nod:

Once again, glad you like it.

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