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Chapter 5: Saturday’s a Day for Play

Thankfully, nothing out of the ordinary happened for the rest of that day. The next thing the Eds knew, the final bell had rung, and they were free for the whole weekend. They spent the rest of the day continuing work on their Ice Hotel without any interruptions.

Well, almost without any interruptions. Eddy kept his complaining to a minimum (he only grumbled the occasional “stupid blackmail”), but Ed wouldn’t stop whining. He wanted to find the green puppy again. Finally, Eddy and Double D got tired of Ed’s protests, and they put him in charge of coming up with ideas for the statues that were to be placed inside the hotel. At least this kept him occupied.

What they didn’t know was this: the whole time they were working, a pair of fake light purple eyes was watching their every move…

Finally, as the sun was setting, the three boys left their gigantic work of art; they would come back to it tomorrow. Finally, the spy walked out from his hiding spot in the bushes, followed by two others.

Zim marched straight up to the side of the Ice Hotel, with Gir and MiniMoose in tow. He cautiously brought up one gloved hand and touched the wall of the massive structure (thankfully, he had bathed in paste before leaving his base).

“Well, I must admit, this structure is impressive,” said Zim. “What’s that one Earth phrase? ‘The bigger they are, the harder they fall’?”

MiniMoose squeaked.

“Of course I mean to destroy it!” Zim responded. “A base this impressive could get in the way of the mission!”

Zim stopped when he heard sniffling. He looked down. Gir, in his little puppy costume, had big, sad tears running down his face. Ed didn’t know it, but Gir had wanted to play some more, too.

“Gir,” Zim growled. “You’d better not be crying about the Ed-human…”

“But I miss the Peanut Head!” said Gir between sobs.

Zim groaned. “All right!” he finally snapped. “If that pitiful human means so much to you, you can seek him out tomorrow…as I destroy their base!” He then began to do his maniacal laugh that he did so well. But suddenly…

“Hello, Zim.”

Zim gave an abrupt stop to his laughing. Double D was standing right in front of him.

“Uh…Double D-human!” Zim stuttered out. “Wh-what are you doing here?”

“I forgot my tool box here,” said Double D, gesturing to the metal box that was now in his mitten-clad hand. “But what’s this I hear about vandalizing what’s technically our property?”

Zim began to panic. “Uh…did I say ‘destroy’?” he asked. He laughed nervously. “Oh, do not worry, silly human! I meant…uh…I simply want to assist you in its construction.” Zim inwardly winced.

Double D raised an eyebrow. “Okay…” he said slowly. “But you’d better watch yourself. If Eddy found out you were trying to wreck his scam, he’d never let you hear the end of it.”

“Uh…of course!” said Zim. “So…I shall meet you tomorrow?”

“Well…that depends on how long I’ll take in Eddy’s tutoring lesson,” said Double D. “We can come and get you when we’re ready to work, though.”

“Uh…that won’t be necessary!” said Zim. “I’d rather come to you.”

Double D stared for a moment, then sighed. “Whatever works for you, I suppose,” he said. He then began walking home. “See you tomorrow, Zim.”

As soon as Double D was gone, Zim’s normal smile became sneakier. “Yes,” he hissed. “Tomorrow…


The next morning, deep in the woods, a lone figure snuck out of Zim’s base. However, it wasn’t Zim.

Gir plowed his little body through the snow toward the Peach Creek cul-de-sac. He was on a mission; a mission he didn’t want his Master to know about.

When Gir got to the streets, he looked at each house, scanning for vital signs. He was looking for someone: the Peanut Head with the furry eyebrow. He had had so much fun with Peanut Head, but his mean old Master wouldn’t let Gir look for him the day before. Now was his chance; Master was preparing for a rendezvous he had set up with Peanut Head and his two friends.

Finally, at the last house, Gir picked up life signs that were similar to Peanut Head’s. He squealed in delight and ran up to that house. He hopped up to the door and rang the doorbell.

A little girl with red hair, who was wearing a purple winter coat and hat, answered the door. She had this ticked-off look on her face, sort of like the face Master always had.

Sarah stared at the little green puppy on the doorstep. She recognized the dog; he had seen her stupid brother playing with it the day before.

“ED!” she shouted into the house. “That stupid green kid’s puppy is at the door!” Sarah had not forgotten the incident involving Zim from the day before.

Ed ran to the doorway. As soon as he saw Gir, a big grin appeared on his face.

“Puppy!” said Ed.

“Peanut Head!” said Gir, jumping into Ed’s arms.

Sarah wanted to gag at the mushy scene. “You just make sure that creepy kid doesn’t get in my way,” she told Ed. “I hurt my hand punching him out yesterday.”

“Sure thing, baby sister,” said Ed.

With that, Sarah left the house, eager to play with Jimmy.

Ed looked at Gir. “Wanna make a statue, puppy?” he asked.

“Okie dokie!” said Gir.

So Ed put on his winter gear, and soon, he and Gir were also outside.


A few hours later, Zim was marching on the sidewalk that framed the cul-de-sac, MiniMoose in tow. He was not happy. Gir was nowhere to be found. He figured his little SIR unit had run off to look for the Ed-beast; so the only thing he needed to do was find Ed, Double D, or Eddy. However, there was one small problem: he had no idea where any of them lived.

Finally, he decided to pick a house and hope for the best. He and MiniMoose went up to the first house he saw and rang the doorbell.

Unfortunately, none of the Eds answered the door. Instead, it was the Kevin-human.

“Oh, great,” said Kevin. “The green freak.”

“Do not talk to Zim in that matter!” Zim automatically replied. However, he quickly regained his composure. “Uh…I mean…the Ed humans! Are they here with you?”

“Who, the dorks?” asked Kevin. “As if. But if you really wanna know, Double Dweeb’s house is over there.” He pointed to a house across the street.

“Zim thanks you, human,” said Zim. He and MiniMoose began their trek across the street to Double D’s house.

Kevin stared at Zim for a moment before finally going back inside. “Freak,” he muttered.

Zim was now at another house, certain it was Double D’s. Once again, he rang the doorbell. No answer. So, he began to knock on the door. As Zim knocked, he looked around at the other houses, wondering which one Gir was in, and why…


Zim whipped his head back to the door. He was so busy looking around; he hadn’t felt the door being opened. Apparently, he had punched Eddy square in the nose, because that’s what useless appendage Eddy was holding.

“What’s with you?!” Eddy asked angrily.

“Eddy, calm down,” said Double D. “Can we help you, Zim?”

“Where’s Gir?” asked Zim.

“Gir?” asked Double D. “Your dog?”

“Yes,” said Zim. “Where is he?”

“What’s that?” asked Eddy, pointing at MiniMoose.

“This is MiniMoose,” said Zim. “He is…a comrade of mine.”

“I see,” said Double D. “Well, Gir isn’t here. Maybe he’s with Ed. They seem to enjoy each other’s company.”

“And he is not with you?” asked Zim.

“We were just going to pick him up,” said Double D. “Ed would surely know where he is.”

“Then…lead the way, humans,” said Zim.

So Zim and MiniMoose followed Ed and Double D to Ed’s house. As soon as they got there, they heard giggling from the backyard. When the group got to the back, they were quite surprised with what they saw.

Ed was posing in the middle of the backyard, while Gir was constructing a replica of Ed with snow.

“Aww!” said Gir. “You look so cute!”

“Hurry up, puppy!” said Ed. “My nose itches!”

“Ed?” asked Ed and Double D.

“GIR!” said Zim.

Both Ed and Gir snapped to attention.

“Hiya, guys!” said Ed.

“Hi, Master!” exclaimed Gir.

Eddy looked at the statue. “Hmm…that’s not half bad, actually.”

“Puppy was helping me with the statues for the Ice Hotel,” said Ed. “He’s good, isn’t he?”

“Yes, he is,” said Double D. “I’m sure he could help us with our construction of the Ice Hotel…”

“Unacceptable!” said Zim.

The Eds looked at Zim.

“Aww…why not?” asked Ed.

“Gir isn’t fit to construct a simple weapon of destruction, let alone a simple fortress made of snow!” Zim answered.

“Weapon of destruction?” Double D repeated.

“Well, your reasoning would probably matter if you were in charge,” said Eddy. “Which you’re NOT! I say if we have so much willing help, we milk it for all it’s worth! I want this Ice Hotel opened before the snow melts, and I won’t accept anything less! Let’s go!”

With that, Eddy began to walk toward the woods, followed by Double D and a quietly seething Zim with MiniMoose. Suddenly…


Eddy and Double D turned around, only to find that a grey cat with pointed ears and bright red eyes perched on Ed’s shoulders. Gir squealed.

“Where’d that thing come from?” asked Eddy.

Ed shrugged. “I dunno,” said Ed. “Can I keep it, guys? Can I, can I, can I?!”

Then, Zim turned around. His eyes widened (or, they would have widened if they weren’t already huge). “MIMI?!” he asked, shocked.

The cat started. It looked at Zim, eyes narrowing. Then, as smooth as liquid, it jumped off of Ed’s shoulders and slinked away, deep into the area behind Ed’s backyard.

“Mimi?” Eddy repeated.

“You know that cat?” Double D asked Zim.

Zim looked at the three Eds. “Uh…no,” he finally answered. “Sorry. Zim must have been mistaken.”

Eddy stared for a minute. “Whatever,” he said, shrugging. “Now, then…TO THE ICE HOTEL!”

Eddy led the way, followed by Double D, Ed, Gir, MiniMoose, and Zim.

However, Zim wasn’t paying attention. Contrary to what he said, he had suddenly become nervous, for some reason he couldn’t fully understand. But one thing was for certain: he had, indeed, recognized that particular cat.

It couldn’t be,’ Zim thought as he followed the others. ‘It couldn’t be. She wouldn’t be situated around this area…would she?
Chapter 5. Zim makes plans for the Ice Hotel and the cul-de-sac gets another new visitor...

Ed Edd n Eddy (c) Danny Antonucci
Invader Zim (c) Jhonen Vasquez
YukiMizuno Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
:lol: This is too funny! :)

And I'm guessing that Mimi is Tak's cat... If I guess correctly.
AMX-269 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2008   Writer
:giggle: Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. You'll just have to wait and see...
YukiMizuno Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
I guess I can wait! :D
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