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Chapter 3: Lunch Conversations

Even though one of Eddy’s favorite games was “Let’s Torture the New Kid,” he didn’t want to risk Double D quitting the Ice Hotel scam. So, he begrudgingly didn’t do anything else to Zim throughout the remainder of his classes. However, that did not stop him from noticing some strange things about Zim. Mainly, in History class.

Throughout the whole class, Zim kept asking strange questions, such as how prepared Earth would be against, say, a full-on alien invasion. Of course, the teacher didn’t take any of the questions seriously, and they earned Zim some weird looks from the other students, especially Kevin and the Kanker sisters.

Eddy also noticed that Zim acted strangely around Ed. Whenever everyone was roaming the halls between classes, Eddy noticed that Zim would follow Ed everywhere. Then, when most of the children were gone from the halls, Zim would look around, to confirm nobody was around, then get right behind Ed and reach into his pocket. This was when Eddy would make himself known; then Zim would look annoyed and scurry into the other direction.

Eddy couldn’t figure it out. What was Zim up to, and why did it involve Ed? But it would have to wait. Now, it was lunchtime!

As usual, the Eds all sat at the same table after they had gotten their lunches.

“I trust you two haven’t traumatized the newest student?” asked Double D.

“Relax, will ya?” asked Eddy. “We didn’t do anything. He’s still weird, though.”

“Really?” asked Double D. “In what way?”

“Oh, you know,” said Eddy. “Kept askin’ all these weird questions in class, and he’s been stalking Ed.”

“Stalking Ed?” asked Double D.

“I know,” said Ed. “I’m scared, too. Especially with the brain-sucking alien on the loose…”

“Oh, can we just drop it?” asked Eddy. “Let’s talk about something more important. Like, you know, our…”

“Ice Hotel?” asked Double D, whipping out a blueprint. “Way ahead of you. According to my calculations, we should be able to start the interior soon…”

“Forget that!” said Eddy. “Just skip to the part where we’re raking in the moolah! Right, Ed?”

But Ed wasn’t listening. He was staring in the other direction. Eddy and Double D also looked. They immediately realized why Ed was staring.

Zim was standing in front of them, staring at Double D’s blueprint.

“What is this structure?” Zim asked, pointing at the blueprint.

“It’s our Ice Hotel!” Ed answered. “We’re gonna let people stay in it and use the money to buy jawbreakers! Right, Eddy?”

Eddy glared at Ed. “Why don’t you tell him my shoe size while you’re at it, Ed?” he asked.

Ed looked confused. “Why?” he asked.

While Ed and Eddy talked, Zim slipped into the chair next to Double D, causing the sock-headed boy to scoot away from him. Zim carefully observed Double D’s intricately drawn plans.

“This “Ice Hotel,” as you call it, seems to be fashioned more like a fortress suitable for war than a shelter for humans,” he said.

Double D looked at the plans. Zim was right; because of the structure’s double use, he had stylized it to also look like a fort. “Well, uh…” he stammered, “I suppose that’s one way to look at it…”

“Oh, that’s ‘cause it’s also a fort for us to throw snowballs at people who don’t want to stay there,” said Ed. “That was Eddy’s idea.”

“I see,” said Zim. “Tell Zim, where is this structure located?”

Eddy just stared for a few seconds; he was surprised because Zim seemed genuinely interested in what he was planning. “Uh…we’re building it in the woods behind the cul-de-sac,” he said. “It’s impressive, if I do say so myself.”

“Especially since you’re going to be helping us now,” said Double D. “Right, Eddy?”

“Yeah, yeah…” said Eddy.

Zim looked out the window at the snow-covered ground outside. “Hmm…can you answer something else for Zim?”

“I suppose,” said Double D.

“This…snow…stuff outside…” said Zim. “Is it poisonous?”

“Only if it’s yellow,” said Eddy. He and Ed burst into laughter.

“I forgot what he said!” said Ed.

Double D glared at his two friends, then looked at Zim. “No, Zim,” he said. “Snow is not poisonous. It’s just frozen water crystallized into…”

“WATER?!” Zim exclaimed, causing all three Eds to stare at him. “Uh, I mean…water! Of course! I knew that; I was just making sure.” He slowly got up. “I must leave now. Thank you for the information, uh…”

It was then that the Eds realized that Zim didn’t know their names.

“I’m Eddy,” said Eddy.

“I’m Ed,” said Ed.

“I’m Edd, with two D’s,” said Double D. “Call me Double D.”

Zim stared at the three strange boys. “So, let’s see if Zim has this straight,” he said. “You three humans…” As Zim talked, he pointed at the Eds. “…are all basically known as ‘Ed’?”

“You bet your sweet bippy we are,” said Ed.

“Interesting,” said Zim. “Because another human here seems to call you three by a different name. ‘Dork’, I believe it was.”

Eddy scowled. “Which human?” he asked.

Zim pointed behind them at another table; all three Eds looked. As expected, Zim was pointing at Kevin.

“Eh, don’t listen to anything Kevin says,” said Eddy. “He’s a jerk.”

“A…jerk,” Zim repeated. “Zim will remember this. Thank you again…Eds.” He then marched away without another word.

The Eds looked at each other.

“Well…that was weird,” said Eddy.

“Well, since lunch is almost over, I say all three of us should keep looking over the plans at recess,” said Double D.

Just then, the bell rang.

“RECESS!” said Ed, running out the lunchroom doors.

Eddy looked at Double D. “And by that, you mean…?” Eddy asked.

“I say you and I keep looking over the plans while Ed romps around in the snow,” said Double D.

“That’s what I thought you said,” Eddy said.

But little did they know, something was waiting for them outside…
Chapter 3: Lunch Conversations

The Eds and Zim have an interesting conversation during lunch.

Ed Edd n Eddy (c) Danny Antonucci
Invader Zim (c) Jhonen Vasquez
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:lol: That was very humorous chapter indeed! XD
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Glad you liked it. ;)
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