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Author’s Note: Well, this is my first fanfic for DeviantArt! Remember my drawing “Invad-Ed,” where I said I might make a fanfic based on the drawing? Well, here it is! If people think it’s good enough here, I’ll post it on I have a basic solid plot so far, but if anyone would like to give me any suggestions later on, I’m open to them! Also, this will include MAJOR spoilers for the “Cartoon Network Invaded” specials, so if you’ve never seen them, read at your own risk! Without further ado, as I say on, happy reading! ;)


Prologue: The Backstory of Things to Come

Somewhere in the U.S.A., a small town resides. This town is known as Peach Creek. At a first glance, it looks like a peaceful little town, where nothing exciting happens. However, looks are deceiving.

You see, three boys live in Peach Creek. Some call them entertaining; others call them pests. However, most people call them by their names: Ed, Edd (also known as Double D), and Eddy.

Ed is tall, smelly, and not the brightest bulb in the box. Double D is polite, intelligent, and somewhat sarcastic at times. Eddy is short, loud, and obsessed with money. Besides the fact that they all share the same name, there doesn’t seem to be anything these three boys have in common. However, if you asked them, you’d find out there is one other thing these boys have in common: their love for jawbreakers.

More than once, Eddy has come up with a crazy scam, which Ed and Double D have gone along with (usually) without any complaint. These scams all share the same purpose: to obtain money from the other children living in Peach Creek. For the Eds, as they were respectively called, money equals jawbreakers. Too bad most of the time, they fail.

Because of the Eds’ hair-brained schemes, they, along with the other children residing in Peach Creek, have had some crazy adventures.

However, nothing the Eds had previously done could have prepared them for what had happened a few weeks before.

Everyone had woken up one winter morning, hoping for a perfectly normal day. Or…at least as normal as it could get at Peach Creek. However, it immediately spiraled into an adventure crazier than anything the Eds, or the other kids, had ever encountered before.

It all began when one of the neighborhood children, a frail, young boy named Jimmy, had a sweets-induced nightmare about aliens coming and snatching Peach Creek into the sky. Of course, nobody listened to Jimmy’s pleas about taking the dream seriously, not even Jimmy’s best friend (and Ed’s little sister), Sarah.

However, everything changed when Jonny, a young, hippy-like boy, and Plank, Jonny’s ever-present piece of wood with a face on it, traveled to the foreign “son-of-a-shepherd”, Rolf”s house, only to find a creepy, green glow and intense heat emanating from the house.

After Jonny told everyone else about what he and Plank had witnessed, Kevin, the town’s semi-bully and jock, suggested they all investigate; it was then revealed that Ed was missing as well. However, when the group actually got to the house, they panicked when they saw strange shadows from inside the house.

While everyone else retreated into the park, something else strange happened: a huge pod that seemed to be shaped like a cheese wheel crashed into the park. Everyone thought an alien hatched from the strange pod, but that wasn’t exactly what happened: inside the pod was Ed, minus his clothes (except for his underwear, thank goodness). Ed confirmed that the strange beings in Rolf’s home had an intergalactic tinge to it. It was then that Kevin proposed a rescue mission to save Rolf.

All the kids gathered in Kevin’s basement to assemble combat weapons against the aliens. However, once they went back to Rolf’s house, the weapons proved to be more effective in theory than in real life. So, they executed one last plan: offer Nazz, the popular pretty girl who was admittedly somewhat of a ditz, as, in short, a sacrifice.

This plan was more effective, actually coaxing one of the aliens out of the house. However, it wasn’t the aliens the kids were hoping for; it was only Rolf, and some other type of aliens: his visiting relatives (who were also the ones who took Ed’s clothes)!

However, even though that mystery had been solved, even more weird incidents began to happen around Peach Creek. Throughout the rest of the week, the entire town was experiencing strange tremors. Dairy products slowly began disappearing, along with Ed; thankfully, he returned after a few days. The kids couldn’t figure it out; was everyone going crazy?

The whole ordeal was explained a week after in the local paper. As it turns out, aliens had invaded the Earth. Evidently, it was all started in another town, by a small, blue creature advertising that he had “cheese” from the local observatory; this explained the missing dairy products. As it turns out, Peach Creek wasn’t the only place with alien sightings; there were also alleged sightings at an out-of-town elementary school and a summer camp. The drama finally ended in one last town that always seemed susceptible to paranormal phenomena. According to a dim-witted boy with a big nose, a young girl with a nasty disposition, and a tall, pale man, the aliens needed the dairy products to rebuild the moon, or they would turn into werewolves. After a battle in space, the aliens were defeated, and Earth’s dairy products were saved. The article also stated that the aliens had abducted a small town (which explained the “tremors” Peach Creek had been experiencing) and that the dumbest civilian from each town had been taken for experimentation (which explained Ed’s disappearance).

The article explained everything. It was all there, in black and white. Everyone should have felt at peace, right?

Of course, the Eds felt more at peace. However, that didn’t stop them from feeling extremely paranoid.

There was only one thing that could shake this extreme paranoia: a new scam. And this one was a doozy.
The prologue to my first DeviantArt fanfic! Enjoy ;)

Ed Edd n Eddy (c) Danny Antonucci
Invader Zim (c) Jhonen Vasquez
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