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Chapter 6: The Incident in the Woods

Throughout the rest of that Saturday, Zim, Gir, and MiniMoose assisted the three Eds with their Ice Hotel. And, somehow, all three appealed to at least one Ed. Of course, Gir and Ed were already good pals, so they didn’t have any problems; Double D found MiniMoose to be quite the companion, mainly because MiniMoose didn’t talk much; meanwhile, Eddy had discovered something amazing: Zim complained more than he did! They were working side by side, both silently cursing Double D for putting them to work.

However, at the same time, Eddy was noticing something…odd about Zim. Every so often, Zim would look around and scan the surrounding area; as if he was afraid someone was watching them work.

“Dude, you okay?” Eddy finally asked.

“What?” asked Zim. “Oh…it’s nothing. Nothing to worry your brain meats over, human!” He then grinned a big grin.

Eddy raised an eyebrow, but didn’t address the situation again. Basically, he didn’t want to hear anymore of Zim’s weird talk.

Meanwhile, Zim had gone back to scanning the area. Seeing that cat-Mimi-had him spooked. Soon, he was talking to himself in his head.

Ugh, just look at me,’ Zim thought. ‘Acting all weird and paranoid like some horrible…weird…paranoid…worm-baby. I’m turning into…him!

Out of the corner of his eye, Eddy noticed Zim involuntarily shuddering. Once again, he didn’t question it.

Easy, Zim,’ Zim continued in his head. ‘You’re tougher than this. You’re an Invader! The Tallest are counting on you! So what if you saw a cat? That doesn’t necessarily mean that…she’s here. And so what if she is? I mean, besides the fact that she wants to rip out my squeedly-spooch with her bare claws…besides, conquering Earth is my mission. Not hers! Only I can rid this world of these awful, annoying…


“Huh?” Zim was snapped out of his thoughts by Eddy’s voice. He looked down to find that he had been harshly kicking the outside wall of the Ice Hotel with his boot.

“Geez!” said Eddy. “You trying to bring the whole place down?!”

“Uh…forgive me human!” said Zim. “Zim was just…thinking! Yes! Thinking about…Earth things!”

This earned a glare from Eddy. “Well, don’t let it happen again,” said Eddy.

“Uh…of course!” said Zim. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he saw something streak through the trees behind him. His paranoia got the better of him. “Uh…Zim must take his leave now. Nice working with you!” he said, though it was hard to tell because his words were blurring together from talking so fast.

“But we’ve only been at it a few hours!” Eddy protested.

But Zim wasn’t listening. He was too busy grabbing MiniMoose, who was with Double D, and then entering the Ice Hotel and grabbing Gir, who was helping Ed decorate.

Ed watched as Zim grabbed his little puppy friend and ran out of the Ice Hotel. “Aww…” he mumbled.

Meanwhile, a confused Double D was listening to an annoyed Eddy rant.

“How dare he?” Eddy was asking. “How dare he?! He promises to help us and then all of a sudden flips out?! It’s outrageous!”

“Now, Eddy, calm down…” said Double D. “I’m sure Zim has a good reason for this sudden leave.”

Just then, the subject of their discussion zipped past them, clutching Gir and MiniMoose in his arms. Before Eddy or Double D could react, Zim disappeared into the woods.

“HEY!” Eddy yelled. “You don’t get off the hook that easy! ZIM!” With that, Eddy began to run after Zim.

“Eddy, wait!” said Double D.

“Come back, Puppy!” Ed suddenly yelled, running out of the Ice Hotel and after Eddy. “You still need to finish that last statue!”

Double D watched as his two friends ran into the forest after Zim. Then he sighed.

“I’m surrounded by idiots…” he mumbled as he followed everyone else.


When Double D found his two friends, they were in the middle of a small clearing, just…standing there, staring. They had every right to. Right in the middle of the clearing was a large, glowing, green house. Even weirder was the lawn gnomes leading up to the door, which looked like it belonged with a boy’s bathroom.

“Is this Zim’s house?” asked Double D.

“Cool…” said Ed.

“That chicken…” Eddy grumbled. “Hiding in his house…” He began to walk up to the door. “HEY, ZIM!” he yelled. But just as Eddy was about to knock on the door…

A laser shot out of one of the gnome’s eyes.

“WHOA!” yelled Double D.


Eddy ran back to Double D and Ed, but by now, all of the gnomes were going berserk, shooting lasers every which way.

“WHAT THE HECK?!” said Eddy.

“Must be a security system malfunction…” said Double D.

“Malfunction my foot!” said Eddy. “Hey, Zim!” he called to the house. “Don’t think you’re off the hook, because you’re not!”

“Ed…” said Double D.

“Gotcha, Double D,” said Ed. He walked up to Eddy, picked him up, and carried his kicking and screaming friend back to the Ice Hotel.

Once Eddy and Ed were out of sight, Double D turned back to the strange house with the ballistic laser-firing gnomes. “Zim?” he called. “Uh…I don’t know if you can hear me, but please excuse Eddy’s behavior. I’m sure you had a very good reason for leaving so abruptly. Uh…see you on Monday!”

With that, Double D went off to find Ed and Eddy.


Unbeknownst to the Eds, Zim (minus his contacts and wig) was watching the whole scene on one of the giant monitors, deep within the bowels of his underground lab. Gir and MiniMoose were playing behind him.

“Great…” Zim mumbled. “Now I have another human after me…but for a different reason! Stupid paranoia…stupid humans…”

“Aww…I miss Peanut Head…” said Gir.

“Yes…” said Zim. “Well, Peanut Head will have to wait, Gir. I have to run a full scan on this neighborhood. I suppose I can’t be too careful…”


The next day, the Eds continued work on their Ice Hotel…by themselves. For all they knew, Zim still hadn’t left his house. So, Ed and Double D also concentrated on calming Eddy down so he wouldn’t strangle the green boy come Monday.

In truth, Zim hadn’t left his house. The scan of vital signs on Peach Creek took all day, but for him, it was worth it. When the scan was finally completed at the end of the day, Zim didn’t see any abnormalities. The entire town seemed composed of humans, and the only alien life forms present were him, Gir, and MiniMoose. Nobody else.


The next day was Monday, which meant back to school for another week. Thankfully, Zim no longer felt paranoid, and Eddy no longer wanted to strangle Zim for running out on him and the other Eds. Soon, it was first period again.

Eddy was surprised when, instead of going right to his desk, Zim walked up to his desk.

“Eddy-human…” Zim began. “I…I know you are angry with me for what happened the other day…and…I suppose I should say I’m…s-sor…ry.”

Eddy was genuinely surprised. He couldn’t remember the last time someone apologized him for something. Probably because he was usually the one causing grief to someone else, not the other way around.

“Uh…okay,” he said.

With that, Zim marched back to his desk up front, next to Double D.

Well, that’s one problem out of my antenna,’ Zim thought as he sat down. ‘Now that there aren’t anymore distractions for me to worry about, I can once again focus on my plans to conquer this filthy planet…

“Class?” asked the teacher. “Before we begin, we have another new student.”

Ed, Double D, and Eddy snapped to attention. So did the rest of the class, including Zim.

New student?’ Zim thought. All the paranoia he had gotten rid of over the weekend was now back in his body. ‘No…it couldn’t be…

However, all his hopes were dashed when a bluish purple-haired girl wearing a purple outfit and knee-high buckle boots entered the classroom.

“This is Tak,” said the teacher.

Chapter 6: The Incident in the Woods.

Zim, Gir, and MiniMoose are working on the Ice Hotel with the Eds, when Zim's paranoia gets the better of him. But is is worth it?

Ed Edd n Eddy (c) Danny Antonucci
Invader Zim (c) Jhonen Vasquez
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Oh snap, I knew it! :O Wonder if this will turn out good or bad...
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Given the scenario so far...who knows? :?
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