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Chapter 4: Invasion of the Peanut Brains

Before the Eds knew it, they were all bundled up and outside on the snowy playground. As Ed was romping around in the snow, Eddy and Double D were sitting on one of the available benches, still going over their Ice Hotel plans.

Ed was having the time of his life, burrowing through the cold snow. Suddenly, as he was tunneling, he hit something with his head. He popped up from under the snow, seeing he had made a tunnel that has brought him to the fence that surrounded the schoolyard.

“Hello?” he asked, hoping whatever he had hit would come out of his hiding place.

Suddenly, a small, lime green head with big eyes popped up from under the snow.

“HI!” it said in a high, screechy voice.

Ed’s face broke into a big, excited grin.

Meanwhile, Zim was observing the other students from behind the school building. Rolf and Kevin were playing basketball, while Jonny and Nazz cheered them on. Sarah and Jimmy were making a snowman. The Kankers were preparing a barrage of snowballs (filled with chunks of ice and rocks, of course) to throw at anyone who provoked them. Eddy and Double D were looking at the same blueprint they were looking at during lunch.

Pathetic,’ Zim thought as he rolled his eyes (if he had a nose, he probably would have snorted). Then he saw Ed, crawling around through the snow, and his face also broke into a grin. However, unlike Ed’s, Zim’s grin was much more malicious.

Yes!’ he thought. ‘The human is finally by himself! Now’s my chance to erase his memory and make him forget all about our little…encounter last night.

All the kids were unexpectedly interrupted from their activities by a sudden maniacal laughter from near the school building. Before anyone knew it, all eyes were on the new kid; it wasn’t until Zim saw that everyone was staring at him did he stop laughing.

“I’M NORMAL!” he shouted at the kids.

Apparently, that was good enough for the kids. Aside from a grumbled “Freak” from Kevin, nobody seemed to think it was out of the ordinary; hey, Eddy broke into maniacal laughter all the time.

Zim ducked behind the school building again and pulled out a small communicator.

“Gir!” he said into it. “Come in!” A pause. No answer. “Gir, do you copy?” Zim asked again. “I need you to bring me my Memory Wiper!” Still no answer. The Irken growled in frustration. “That idiotic robot,” he muttered under his breath. “Where is he?”



Zim stopped. He knew that shriek. He jerked his head and looked around the school wall so fast, he almost gave himself whiplash.

Sure enough, Ed was in front of Double D and Eddy, holding something in his arms. It was Gir, in his lime green dog disguise.

“Can I keep him, guys?” Ed was asking Double D and Eddy as he tightly held the dog he found. “Can I, can I, can I?!”

Eddy and Double D were giving their friend a weird look, not understanding why he was making such a big deal over a green mutt.

“Goodness, Ed,” said Double D. “It’s just a dog. Although…it’s certainly not like any dog I’ve ever seen…”

“Hey, it ain’t my mutt,” said Eddy. “Go crazy, Ed.”

“YAY!” said Ed. He began to pet Gir on the head, hard. “Purr like a puppy. Purr like a puppy. Purr like a puppy…”

“Ed, don’t hurt it!” said Double D.

“MEOW!” said Gir.

“Ed, if you’re gonna play with that thing, at least do it somewhere else,” said Eddy. “Unless, of course, you wanna help us with the plans…”

Ed’s eyes widened. He put Gir down. “RUN AWAY!” he suddenly yelled, running back toward the snow.

“YAY!” said Gir, running after Ed. “WE’RE RUNNING! WE’RE RUNNING! WOOOOO!”

This caused Eddy to raise an eyebrow. “Did that thing just talk?” he asked.

“Huh?” Double D asked; he had been too busy looking over the blueprint to notice.


Eddy and Double D turned around again, only to see Zim angrily marching toward them…unfortunately, plowing right through Jimmy and Sarah’s snowman to do so.

Zim stopped when he was next to the bench Eddy and Double D were sitting at.

“Oh, is that your dog, Zim?” Double D asked.

Yes,” Zim hissed. “Now tell your friend to…”


Zim was interrupted as a very angry Sarah stomping toward the three boys.

“Who do you think you are, bub?” Sarah asked Zim. “LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO OUR SNOWMAN!” She pointed back to the stomped-on remains of the snowman; Jimmy was next to it, crying.

“Hmph!” Zim scoffed. “That’s an improvement if you ask Zim. It was an eyesore. And just what can you do about it, Stink-beast?”

Eddy and Double D covered their eyes as a seething Sarah proceeded to beat the stuffing out of the new kid.

The next thing they knew, a battered and torn shirt-clad Zim was diving under the bench they were sitting on.

“You mess with us again, and you’re dog meat!” Sarah shouted before going back over to Jimmy.

Eddy looked down at the twitching Zim under the bench. “Rule number one, kid,” Eddy said to him. “Do not, under any circumstances, upset Ed’s little sister.”

“Ed-human?” Zim asked, cautiously coming out from under the bench. “You mean to tell me that she-beast was the Ed-beast’s sister?”

Eddy raised an eyebrow. “You talk funny,” he said, “but yeah, Sarah is Ed’s sister. Hard to believe, huh?”

The three then looked at Ed and Gir, who were now rubbing their heads against a tree located on the playground.

“Rub your head, rub your head,” the two were saying. “Rub your head, rub your head…”

“Ah, yes,” said Zim. “That reminds me. GIR!” Once again, he began to angrily march over to the two.

“Oh, come on, Zim,” said Double D. “They’re just playing.”

Zim whirled around to face Double D. “I did not get Gir so he could ‘play’,” he said. “Zim is his master; therefore, he must do what ZIM tells him to!”

Eddy stared at Zim. Then he shook his head. “Geez, somebody has…that one thing…with that short guy…”

“You mean a Napoleon complex, Eddy?” asked Double D.

“Yeah, that’s it.”

Zim paid no heed to Eddy and Double D and continued over to Ed and Gir.

“GIR!” he said again.

Ed and Gir stopped rubbing their heads.

“Hi, Master!” said Gir.

“Hello, Zim,” said Ed, completely unfazed by the fact that Gir was talking. “You wanna rub your head with us?”

“No,” said Zim. “The only thing Zim wants is for Gir to be a good dog and come with me immediately!”

Gir looked at Zim, and then at Ed. “I don’t wanna!” he chirped. “I wanna stay with the Fuzzy Eyebrow guy!”

“What?!” asked Zim. “Just what makes this huu-mun more desirable than Zim?!”

Gir walked over to Ed. “He rubs my tummy,” he said in a whisper, wrapping his arms around Ed's legs.

“Aw, can’t he stay, Zim?” Ed asked. “Please?”

Now it was Zim’s turn to seethe. “Why, you ungrateful little…!”

“And his brain looks like a peanut!” Gir quickly added.

“Huh?” Zim asked, all anger suddenly forgotten.

“Yep,” said Ed. “In one ear, and out the…uh…the, uh…”

“Other, Ed,” Double D finished for him.

“Yeah, what Double D said,” said Ed.

Zim tilted his head. “Fine,” he grumbled. “I’ll let you go this time, Gir, but don’t think it will happen again!” He then turned around and began to march back over to Eddy and Double D.

Ed and Gir stared at the back of Zim’s head for a few seconds. Ed broke the silence.

“Wanna see me be a woodpecker?” Ed asked Gir.

“OKAY!” Gir answered.

With that, the two new friends dove back into the snow.

Meanwhile, Zim had once again stopped in front of Eddy and Double D.

“The Ed-beast…” Zim said to the two boys. “What would you say is the size of his brain?”

“Smaller than average, if that helps,” said Eddy.

“Yes,” said Double D. “If there’s anything that isn’t admiring about Ed, it’s that his mental abilities are lacking.”

“So, he wouldn’t be able to remember anything significant?” Zim asked. “Say…any encounters with strangers?”

“Huh?” Eddy asked. “Oh, I suppose he told about seeing that alien last night.” He groaned. “Geez, why doesn’t he just drop it? After that last crazy adventure, I never want to see another alien again!”

Zim was curious. “Please explain,” he said.

Double D was surprised. “You don’t know about it?” he asked. “It was all over to the news!” He then proceeded to tell Zim the whole story of what had happened a few weeks before.

Zim started laughing when Double D finished his story. “Aliens coming and stealing dairy products? That’s absurd!”

“Hey, believe what you want,” said Eddy. “It happened. But yeah, don’t worry about Ed. Unless he talks about it for more than a day, we don’t take it seriously.”

“I see,” said Zim. “Zim thanks you.”

Just then, the bell rang, signifying the end of recess.

“Aww…” said Ed. He looked at Gir. “I gotta go now, puppy,” he said. “I’ll see you later.”

“Bye, peanut head!” said Gir, waving back.

As he roamed through the group of students heading back into the school, Zim was lost in his own thoughts.

Hmm…’ he thought. ‘It seems it won’t be necessary for me to erase Ed-stink’s memory after all. However, it seems I had some…competition for the conquest of this planet.’ His face once again developed that disturbing grin. ‘Well, let’s just see how this town can handle an attack from the great ZIM…
Chapter 4: Invasion of the Peanut Brains

Ed makes a new friend, Zim encounters Sarah, and Eddy and Double D are witnesses to it all!

Ed Edd n Eddy (c) Danny Antonucci
Invader Zim (c) Jhonen Vasquez
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In my opinion, you matched the characters personalities perfectly. Good job~!
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:lmao: This has made my day! :D
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