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Chapter 2: The New…Student?

“…And it had a giant spaceship, and a robot, and a squeaky moose, and these long, hideous, black antennas growing out of its head!”

It was the next day, and Ed was describing his discovery from the night before to Eddy and Double D as they roamed the Peach Creek Jr. High halls. However, Eddy and Double D weren’t exactly interested…

“Ed, please, no more aliens,” said Double D. “I’m still recovering from our last episode…”

“Yeah, chill out, Lumpy,” said Eddy. “We got other things to worry about at the moment. Like, you know, our super-awesome ICE HOTEL!”

“Which, according to my calculations, it won’t be done before the spring thaw at the pace we’re working,” said Double D.

“WHAT?!” asked Eddy. “That’s not fair! That settles it! As soon as school gets out, we’re going right back into those woods and working twice as hard!”

“…But we have to get our homework done first, if we have any,” said Double D. “And you have to help now!” he added, pointing at Eddy.

“Fine, whatever,” Eddy grumbled. “As long as we keep Monobrow’s mind off of aliens, and as long as there isn’t anything to distract us, we’ll be fine.”

At this point, the three Eds were at their first period classroom. They all went in and took their seats. It wasn’t until they were all situated in their seats that they noticed the unfamiliar person standing in front of the class.

Huh?” all three Eds, and for that matter, the rest of the kids in their seats thought at the same time. And for good reason.

There was something…odd…about the kid that was standing in front of the class. For one thing, his skin was…green! His outfit also looked a little…off. He was wearing a magenta-colored shirt with pink sleeves; black stripes went down the sleeves and the body of the shirt. He was also wearing black gloves, black pants, and black boots. The most notable item he wore, however, was a circular pack on his back. His hair was styled similarly to the wig Eddy wore for his Halloween costume, and his eyes were a light purple. Needless to say, this kid was quite a sight.

“Class, before I begin the lesson, we have a new student with us starting today,” said the teacher. “This is Zim.”

Eddy snorted. “Zim?” he thought. “What kinda dumb name is that?

“Zim, is there anything you’d like to say about yourself?” asked the teacher.

Zim gave the class a toothy grin. Double D, who sat at the front of the classroom, was able to see how Zim’s teeth seemed to be shaped…irregularly. They didn’t look like human teeth.

“Hello, worm-babies,” said Zim. “I am a normal Earthling, just like all of you.”

This raised a few more eyebrows.

“What a weirdo,” Kevin murmured to Nazz and Rolf.

That’s really something I’d expect from Ed,” thought Double D, also perplexed by Zim’s words.

“Just don’t make any contact with me and we’ll all get along just fine,” Zim concluded.

“Very well, Zim,” said the teacher. “You can sit in the empty seat next to Eddward.”

Double D looked at the empty seat next to him. His attention shifted back to Zim as the new boy walked-no, more like marched-to the empty desk and sat down.

However, as Zim sat down, he did a double take. He was looking at Ed, who sat way in the back of the classroom with Eddy. That was the same boy from the night before!

So he is here,” Zim thought. “Curse these classes; I can’t erase his memory with all these witnesses around. I’ll have to do it later.

Meanwhile, Double D’s attention was focused on the teacher, who had started his lecture. However, as he was writing down notes, a paper ball suddenly bounced off his head and landed on his desk. Double D turned around and looked at the back of the room. Eddy was gesturing to Double D to open up the paper ball. Double D did what he was asked.

Hey, did you check out the new kid?

Double D winced at Eddy’s atrocious handwriting, and then quickly wrote out a response while the teacher’s back was turned.

Eddy, must we go through this with every new student? Whatever happened to “no distractions”?

He then folded the note a little neater, and then threw it as quietly as he could back to Eddy.

A few minutes later, Double D got the note back.

He’s wearing a dress!


Double D did a mental “groan” not only about Eddy’s comment, but also at Ed’s even more atrocious handwriting, and stealthily wrote another response while trying to pay attention to what the teacher was saying.

Well, I do admit, his clothing choices are a little…out there…but that does not give you two the right to perform a full-on analysis on him!

Double D tossed the note back to Eddy.

Soon, most of the students (including Zim) were paying more attention to the note that was flying back and forth throughout the classroom. Comments flew back and forth between the three Eds.

He doesn’t have ears! Or a nose!

Ed doesn’t have a chin, Eddy.

And your point is?

Come on Eddy! Can’t we have at least one situation in which you don’t put a new student under a microscope?

What fun is that?</i>


Shut up, Ed!


Oh, enough of this! I refuse to partake in this discussion any longer, thank you very much!

Double D threw the note back to Eddy. Out of the corner of his eye, he watched as Eddy read the note; Eddy’s face became annoyed. He quickly wrote out a response and threw the note back to Double D. But just as Double D went to catch it…

A black-gloved hand shot out and grabbed the note while it was still in mid-air. Double D watched in horror as Zim opened the note and began to read it. Thankfully, just as it had happened, the bell rang.

As the students got up from their desks to go to their next period class, Zim slowly got up from his desk and marched over to Double D’s. He still held the note. He stopped when he was right in front of the desk.

“I believe this belongs to you,” he growled. He then slapped the note down onto the empty desk, hard. Double D was in shock as he watched Zim march out of the classroom.

“Geez, what’s his problem?” Eddy asked as he and Ed walked up to Double D.

Double D glared at his two friends as he gathered his things and they exited the classroom.

“I hope you two are real proud of yourselves,” Double D said as they walked through the halls. “The new student has only been here for one period, and he’s already mad at us!”

“He is?” asked Ed.

“Yeah, I know,” said Eddy. “That’s gotta be a new record!”

Double D sighed. “Well, if he’s in any other classes with either of you, you’d better not do anything more to anger him. There’s no telling what he’d might do in retaliation.”

“Oh, come on!” said Eddy. “Did you see the size of him? He goes up to about my chin! You honestly think he’d be able to do something to us?”

“He is so puny!” Ed exclaimed.

“I did notice his stature, Eddy,” said Double D. “He appeared to be about the same size as Sarah. Are you going to tell me she’s innocent, too?”

“Well…uh…” Eddy didn’t have an answer to that one.

Double D glanced at the clock in the hallway. “Look, I have to go to my next class before the bell rings,” he said to Eddy and Ed. “If I hear any word about  either of you causing trouble…” he paused. “…You can count me out of the Ice Hotel scam!”

“WHAT?!” said Eddy. “That’s not fair!”

“Life’s not fair, Eddy,” said Double D as he ran down a different hallway, leaving Eddy and Ed by themselves.

“Party pooper,” Eddy grumbled.

“Party?” asked Ed. “Can I bring the chips?”

“Shut up, Ed.”
Chapter 2: The New...Student?

The Eds meet Zim! What will happen?

Ed Edd n Eddy (c) Danny Antonucci
Invader Zim (c) Jhonen Vasquez
YukiMizuno Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
:lol: Interesting! I wonder what will happen next...?
AMX-269 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2007   Writer
You'll have to wait and see! ;) And who knows? Zim might not be the only new student there...
YukiMizuno Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
:O Yay!
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