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Chapter 1: A New Threat?

“Come on! Make it straighter!”

This is what Eddy was ordering Ed and Double D to do. The three boys were presently in the middle of the woods outside Peach Creek, making a scam unlike anything Eddy had thought of before.

“Eddy, are you sure the other kids will find this appealing?” asked Double D.

“Sure they would!” said Eddy. “Nobody can resist…” (Insert dramatic pause here) “…an ICE HOTEL!”

Double D had to admit; the structure he, Ed, and Eddy were currently working on was definitely impressive. It was growing so tall, they could see the tops of the snow-covered trees! It wasn’t like any igloo Double D had constructed in any past winters. And the water they were pouring onto the giant building made it even sturdier.

“Well, I do admit the structure is impressive…” said Double D. “But do you honestly think anyone would want to stay here overnight? And what about when spring rolls around? Surely this thing won’t last through spring!”

“Already got it covered, Double D,” said Eddy. “This isn’t just an ice hotel. Since we’ve got a perfect view of the cul-de-sac from here, there’s nobody to stop us from burying everyone else with the biggest barrage of snowballs Peach Creek has ever seen!”

Double D sighed, climbing down from the ladder he had been currently situated on; not an easy feat when you’re wearing an overstuffed orange fleece winter coat and huge snow pants.

“I should have known,” said Double D. “Did you even take in the possibility that the other children might retaliate?”

“Against this monster?” asked Eddy, gesturing toward the Ice Hotel. “Unlikely! Right, Ed?”

However, Ed wasn’t listening. He was over on the other side of the giant Ice Hotel. He was wearing a light green sweater with “Ed” and a small kitten’s head stitched on the front of it, along with a purple and white striped stocking hat. Also, his tongue was about six inches away from the wall of the Ice Hotel. But just as tongue and wall were about to touch…


Ed’s tongue zipped back into his mouth. He turned toward Eddy.

“Ed!” Eddy called again. “Don’t you dare! Remember what happened last time you stuck your tongue on something frozen?”

Ed sheepishly looked at the ground. “I wanted to see if it was true…” he said.

“Well, it just goes to show you, Ed,” said Double D. “You shouldn’t try everything you see in a movie.” He then turned toward the sky, and saw that the sun was quickly beginning to set. “Oh, my,” said Double D. “Where has the time gone? We best be getting home now, gentlemen. We have school tomorrow.”

Eddy scoffed. “Don’t remind me,” he grumbled. He then stuck his mahogany-gloved hands into the pockets of his yellow and dark purple winter coat. “I guess it’s fine with me. I’m getting cold.”

Double D looked back at Ed. “Ed, are you coming?” he asked. “Surely, you don’t want Sarah coming out here looking for you again…”

“Just a couple more minutes!” said Ed.

Eddy shrugged. “Whatever,” he said. “See ya tomorrow!” He then began to walk home.

“Fare thee well, gentlemen!” said Double D, also heading home.

Ed, on the other hand, was now in another world. He may not have been the brightest Ed, but if there was anything his peanut-sized brain was useful for, it was creating brand new worlds inspired by the ones he read about in his comic books.

This time around, due to the recent adventure with the aliens, Ed was a great space hero, defending the Earth’s dairy products from invading werewolf aliens. At the moment, he was imagining that one of the alien ships had spiraled out of control and was heading straight for Earth. He imagined the ship careening closer and closer, until…


Ed opened his eyes. “Wow, I’m good!” he said, referring to the realistic-sounding explosion. Then he turned around…and saw that for once, this wasn’t a figment of his imagination.

In another part of the woods, smoke was billowing up from among the trees.

Ed blinked. Then, he began a monologue based on his space cowboy persona. “It seems that an unidentified object has presented itself on the innocent town of Peach Creek!” he exclaimed out loud. “Who amongst the brave civilians will investigate this situation?” He looked around, seeing that he was, indeed, alone…except for the thing that had crashed about twenty feet away. “I will investigate!” Ed then declared, running in the direction of the smoke.

The sun had now fully set, and it was getting harder to see by the second. Ed hoped he’d be able to find whatever had crashed before it got pitch black.

Finally, he got to a small clearing in the wood that was surrounded by bushes. Ed cautiously crouched down and peeked through a bush. His monobrow-clad eyes widened in surprise.

In the middle of the clearing, three figures stood. One appeared to be a small creature, standing on two legs. Ed couldn’t see much because of the darkness night brought, but he could see a few distinguishing characteristics about the figure. He looked even shorter than Eddy, and Ed could have sworn he saw two thick, black antennas on the top of the figure’s head.

Cool…” Ed thought.

There were two other figures next to the weird-looking figure. One appeared to be made of metal, with glowing cyan eyes. Ed guessed it was some kind of robot. The other figure was the smallest. Not only that, it was floating in mid-air, and it sounded like it was…squeaking.

COOL!” Ed thought.

But the biggest thing in the area was what caught Ed’s attention the most. It was a giant purple spaceship with a strange insignia emblazoned on the side of it. It was halfway buried in a crater in the middle of the clearing; no doubt that that was the thing that had crashed. At the moment, the three figures were looking at the wreckage.

Ed jumped at the sudden sigh that came from the first figure. He scooted back a little into the bushes.

“Surprisingly, that was one of Zim’s better landings,” said the first figure. He sounded annoyed. “Well, since it’s going to take a while to fully repair the Voot Cruiser, we’re going to have to take refuge here. And who knows? Maybe this new town won’t have any nosy human filth. Unlike…him…” The last part sounded like it was ground out through clenched teeth.

Ed’s head tilted slightly in confusion.

“Let’s make biscuits!” the cyan-eyed robot suddenly exclaimed in a high-pitched voice.

The first figure whirled around to face the little robot. “Gir…” it growled. “What did I tell you about using that word?”

“Aww…” said the robot (Ed guessed it was named Gir).

The first figure sighed. “You and MiniMoose will simply have to find some other way of entertaining yourselves,” it said.

The third figure (Ed guessed this was MiniMoose) let out a squeak.

“I shall have to see about enrolling into this town’s local school tomorrow,” said the first figure. “If it’s anything like the puny Earth-school I attended in the previous town we resided in, it shouldn’t be that hard…”

Ed leaned out just a little bit farther, so he could hear better.

“And then…maybe then…” the first figure continued, “I’ll reach my ultimate goal…to CONQUER THIS PUNY PLANET AND ALL WHO INHABIT IT!”

“YAY!” said Gir.

Ed gasped. At the same time, he lost his balance and fell face-first into the snow and the bush.

The first figure whirled around at the sudden noise. “WHO’S THERE?!” it shouted. “WHO DARES INVADE THE PROPERTY OF ZIM?!”

Ed panicked.

“RUN AWAY!” he shouted, scrambling up and sprinting in the opposite direction, not bothering to look back.

The first figure ran to where Ed had been hiding. He looked down at the face-print Ed had left in the snow.

“YAY!” said Gir, also running over, followed by MiniMoose. “Let’s play tag!” He began to run in the same direction as Ed had.

“No, Gir!” said the first figure (A/N: I bet you can guess who it is by now), grabbing the robot by an antenna that protruded from his head. “Zim shall deal with that Earth spy later.” He turned back to his crashed vehicle. “Now…” he said, “…we must set up our temporary base. Who knows what we will encounter here…?”
Chapter 1: A New Threat?

Ed Edd n Eddy are simply working on their latest scam, an Ice Hotel/impenetrable Snow Fort.

After it gets dark, Ed investigates a mysterious crash. Who could it be?

Ed Edd n Eddy (c) Danny Antonucci
Invader Zim (c) Jhonen Vasquez
YukiMizuno Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
:lol: I laughed at this whole chapter. Nicely done! Can't wait for Zim to enroll into school tomorrow. :)

Oh, and I have a question; are you going to put this up on FF.Net? It would be awesome if you did.
AMX-269 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2007   Writer
Glad you liked it! :D

As for putting it up on've been thinking about it. I'll probably put it up eventually.
YukiMizuno Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
Cool. :)
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