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Emerald Doodles by AMX-269 Emerald Doodles by AMX-269
When I saw the latest SU ad, I knew I had to do some more sketches of Emerald. And it's fitting, since this is the first day of May!

So basically, in my headcanon, Emerald was created as a super Gem weapon in the original Gem Wars, but she fled when she realized just how badly she was damaging others' lives. When she made it to Earth, she retreated into her gem indefinitely; it was in there that she decided to rid herself of her mouth, and where she first became bonded with a small Earth plant. After living with a herd of deer in a forest for years, she was discovered by the Crystal Gems and allowed to use the Barn as shelter. After she moved into the Barn, Emerald started a large garden of Earth plants.

The main drawing sees Emerald finding a new friend...and the next one is of her teaching her new friend that she doesn't take kindly to thieves. The top drawing is a rough showcase of how Emerald walks; she is capable of walking on two legs, but living with deer for so long has made traveling on all fours a habit for her. The upper right corner shows Emerald posing with her scythe; since she can "teleport" using super-speed, she can slice things up in the blink of an eye. Finally, the lower-right drawing is of Emerald talking to her plant friend. Emerald is capable of communicating with plant life, and she is able to grow and shrink the plant growing in her arm at will. Also, since she has no mouth, Emerald doesn't speak; she can, however, "sing" through her Gem, with the "singing" sounding heavily Auto-Tuned.

Emerald (c) :devAMX-269
Onion, Steven Universe (c) Rebecca Sugar
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May 1, 2016
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