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Emerald Color by AMX-269 Emerald Color by AMX-269
My fan-Gem, Emerald, now in color!

Name: Emerald
Race: Gem
Gender: Genderless (uses "she/her")
Gemstone: Emerald
Occupation: Deer Herd Member
Status: Active
Weapon: Scythe; can control plants; uses super-speed to "teleport"

Emerald has a sordid past with Homeworld, as well as her old friend/partner, Peridot. At the start of her life, she had no reason to go against what Homeworld was striving for. But one day, she realized just how much of a "monster" she appeared to be to Homeworld's supposed "enemies," and she was never the same. Going into a state of shock, Emerald was unable to fight back during the Gems' next battle, and she was gravely wounded. Through sheer willpower alone, Emerald managed to acquire an escape pod and flew as far as she could from Homeworld, resisting the need to retreat into her Gem until she knew her past would be behind her. Landing on Earth was chance; she didn't know about any details about Rose Quartz and the rebellion. After crashing in a remote forest, Emerald exited her escape pod and finally "poofed." While she was healing, Emerald noticed that she was surrounded by Earth's animals and plant life, and was stunned that they weren't afraid of a monster like her. After reforming without her supposedly horrifying smile, Emerald decided to stay in the forest with her new animal and plant friends, slowly attempting to recover from her past deeds. But after so many years, she can't help but feel like the works of Gems are beginning to gradually appear on Earth...

Steven Universe (c) Rebecca Sugar
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July 5, 2015
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