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“It goes something like this,” Jack was explaining to the musical trio. He then shook a string of jingle bells in his hand. “How about it? Think you can manage?”

The trio tried playing the tune on their instruments. Double D and Eddy, who were watching, winced at how terribly flat it was.

“Fantastic!” said Jack. “Why don’t you all practice on that and we’ll be all set.”

“Next!” called the Mayor.

When Double D saw who was next, his face lit up. “Hi, Sally!” he said cheerfully. But it didn’t work. Sally still had a very worried look on her face.

“Sally?” asked Eddy.

“Sally, I need your help more than anyone’s,” said Jack.

“You certainly do, Jack,” said Sally. “I had the most horrible vision.”

“That’s splendid!” said Jack, triggering a confused look from Eddy.

“No!” said Sally. “It was about your Christmas! There was smoke and fire . . . ”

“That’s correct, Jack,” said Double D. “I saw it, too.”

“What, you’re one of those psycho things now, Double D?” asked Eddy.

“The term is "psychic," Eddy,” corrected Double D.

“That’s not my Christmas,” said Jack. “My Christmas is filled with laughter and joy . . . and this.” He paused to show Sally a picture he had drawn. “My Sandy Claws outfit. I want you to make it.”

“Listen to me,” Sally tried to reason with her friend. “It’s going to be a disaster.”

“How could it be?” asked Jack. “Just follow the pattern. This part’s red, the trim is white.”

Eddy rolled his eyes and Double D let out an exasperated sigh. Jack was starting to sound more like Eddy every minute.

“It’s a mistake, Jack,” said Sally.

“Now, don’t be modest,” said Jack. “Who else is clever enough to make my Sandy Claws outfit?”

“Next!” called the Mayor.

“I have every confidence in you,” said Jack, gently easing Sally forward.

Eddy and Double D began to walk with Sally.

“But it seems wrong to me,” said Sally, looking at the picture. “Very wrong.”

Eddy looked at Sally, then at Jack, then back at Sally. “I think he likes you,” he said to the rag doll.

Sally’s face went so red, it matched her hair.

“Eddy!” Double D scolded.

“What?” asked Eddy. “I’m just trying to lighten up the mood!” Then he looked back at the Pumpkin King, who was busy showing a nutcracker to the Behemoth. “But now that you guys mention it . . . yeah, this plan isn’t going to work.”

“Eddy?” asked Double D.

“Hey, I may be ignorant at times, but I’m not stupid!” said Eddy. “There’s no way Jack’s going to make this work!”

“But I take it that you haven’t tried to talk to him?” asked Double D.

“You do seem to be the only one he’s listening to, Eddy . . . ” said Sally.

“Guess again,” said Eddy. “Yes, I’ve tried to talk to him. I’ve tried to talk to him, like, five times now! But he’s too caught up in his own little world! He’s completely oblivious to reason!” Eddy looked at Jack again. “I can’t decide if that guy is blissfully ignorant, or just plain ignorant.”

Just then, the doors to the town hall burst open. And Lock, Shock, and Barrel entered with their walking bathtub. In the bathtub was a wriggling sack.

“Jack, Jack!” said the three kids. “We caught him! We caught him!”


Ed came in after the three kids and the bathtub. But there was something different about him. His nose was running, and his eyes were all red and watery.

Eddy and Double D ran over by Jack to have a look themselves.

“Perfect!” said Jack. “Open it up. Quickly!”

And so, Lock, Shock, and Barrel opened up the sack. But what popped out wasn’t exactly what Jack had expected . . .

When Eddy saw what had come out of the sack, he burst into laughter. “Wow,” he said as he paused to catch his breath. “I didn’t know “Sandy Claws” was so big and pink!”

Jack stared at the big pink rabbit that was standing in front of him. It was wearing a sash that said “Happy Easter!”.

“That’s not Sandy Claws!” he said to Lock, Shock, and Barrel.

“It’s not?” asked Shock.

“Who is it?” asked Lock.

By this time, the Easter Rabbit had hopped over to Behemoth, and was cautiously sniffing him.

“Bunny!” exclaimed Behemoth.

This frightened the Easter Rabbit, who quickly hopped into the safety of the sack in the bathtub.


Another very loud sneeze came from Ed, who remained near the town hall doors.

That’s when Double D panicked. “Eddy!” he whispered to his friend. “Ed’s allergies!”

Eddy stopped laughing. “Oh, right,” he said. Then he let out a groan. The last thing they needed right now was a Viking blimp with purple polka dots. “Uh, Ed, maybe you’d better step outside for a minute.”

“No need to, Eddy,” said Ed, his voice proving that he was completely congested. “There is no need to panic, for Lothar’s mission has been fulfilled!” Despite looking completely miserable, Ed had a big smile on his face. That was when Double D began to get suspicious. What exactly had Ed done?

“It’s not Sandy Claws,” Jack said to the three kids. “Take him back!”

“But we did what you said,” said Lock.

“We went through the door . . . ” said Barrel.

“Which door?” asked Jack. “There’s more than one! Sandy Claws is behind the door shaped like this!”

He then showed the three kids a Christmas cookie in the shape of a Christmas Tree. The three kids stared at it, then . . .

“I told you that Lothar guy was lying!” Shock shouted, pointing at Ed. Then she jumped on Lock.

“Knock it off!” said Barrel, joining the fray.

The smile disappeared from Ed’s face.

“Ed . . . ” said Double D. “Is there something you’d like to share with us?”

Ed wiped his nose, then hung his head in shame. “I’ve been a bad Viking, Double D,” he said sadly.


Suddenly, the whole room was silent. Lock, Shock, and Barrel immediately stopped fighting and started cowering. Jack had just put on one of his scariest faces and let out a very loud shriek. Boy, did that shut them up. However, Lock, Shock, and Barrel weren’t the only ones affected . . .

Double D was so frightened that he must have jumped about three feet into the air. When gravity got a hold of him again, he landed on his butt with a THUD. His face was as white as Jack’s, and he was trembling badly, with no sign of stopping. He quickly scurried behind the Mayor’s podium to hide.

Eddy hadn’t jumped as high as Double D, so he landed on his feet. But when he had landed, the jolt caused his jaw to clamp down onto his tongue. Hard. Now he just stood there, wide-eyed with pain, not saying a word.

It was hard to tell whether it was from the sudden shock, or from a sudden wave of disorientation because of his allergies, but either way, Ed had toppled over backwards, and now he was lying on his back near the town hall doors, not moving.

Now the whole room was dead quiet, save for the pain-filled high-pitched “Eeeeee . . . ” sound coming from Eddy which, if any higher, would have been more appropriate coming from a dog whistle.

Jack broke the silence, since he was the only one not terrified beyond rational thought. “I’m very sorry for the inconvenience sir,” he said to the wriggling sack. “Take him home first, and apologize again,” he instructed Lock, Shock, and Barrel. “And be careful with Sandy Claws when you fetch him. Treat him nicely.”

“Got it!” said the three kids, exiting the town hall. “We’ll get it right this time!”

A few seconds after they left, Ed realized that his mission was unfulfilled once again. He got up, wiped his nose again, and left without saying a word, following the three brats and their bathtub.

Jack turned to Eddy, who was still wide-eyed with shock, and Double D, who was peeking out from behind the Mayor’s podium, still trembling and his face still white as a sheet.

“Well, why are you two standing around?” asked Jack. “There’s still plenty of work to be done, and I can’t do it without the experts!”

Eddy forced a smile. “Uh . . . yeah,” he said through his gritted teeth. “I’ll be right back. I gotta go find the Doc and ask him if he knows how to sew a tongue back together.” Eddy then left the town hall, his hands clamped over his mouth.

“And I’ll get back to you as soon as my heart resumes beating, Jack,” Double D said in a very shaky voice. “Excuse me . . . ” He then sank back behind the podium.

Jack scratched his skull. “What’s gotten into them?” he wondered aloud.


A few minutes later, after Eddy and Double D had fully recovered from shock, they were walking around town with Jack. Everyone seemed to be hard at work, even Sally, but the two boys could tell that she was still very reluctant. But everyone else certainly wasn’t.

Clown: This time, this time

Ghosts: Making Christmas

Corpse: Making Christmas

Mayor: Making Christmas, making Christmas
Is so fine

Corpse Parents, Clown: It's ours this time
And won't the children be surprised

Together: It's ours this time

Corpse Kid: Making Christmas

Mummy: Making Christmas

Together: Making Christmas

Witches: Time to give them something fun

Witches, Undersea Gal: They'll talk about for years to come

Everyone: Let's have a cheer from everyone

Devil: It's time to party

Vampires: Making Christmas

Vampires, Duck Toy: Making Christmas

Vampires: Snakes and mice get wrapped up so nice
With spider legs and pretty bows

Winged Demon: It's ours this time

Corpse Father, Werewolf, Devil: All together, that and this
With all our tricks we're
Making Christmas-time

Werewolf: Here comes Jack

Now that it was actually going to happen really soon, Eddy and Double D found that Sally didn’t seem to be the only one who felt reluctant about the whole thing. As they walked through the town with Jack, they couldn’t help but feel pangs of unsureness deep in their stomachs. It took all their strength to laugh along with Jack.

Jack: I don't believe what's happening to me
My hopes, my dreams, my fantasies
Hee, hee, hee, hee

Edd, Eddy: Heh, heh, heh, heh . . .

Harlequin Demon: Won't they be impressed, I am a genius
See how I transformed this old rat
Into a most delightful hat

Jack: Hmm, my compliments from me to you
On this, your most intriguing hat
Consider though this substitute
A bat in place of this old rat

Huh! No, no, no, now that's all wrong
This thing will never make a present
It's been dead for much too long
Try something fresher, something pleasant
Try again, don't give up

Mr. Hydes: All together, that and this
With all our tricks
We're making Christmas-time

Everyone: This time, this time

Jack: It's ours!

Edd, Eddy: (It’s yours!)

Everyone: Making Christmas, making Christmas
La, la, la
It's almost here
And we can't wait
So ring the bells and celebrate
'Cause when the full moon starts to climb
We'll all sing out

Jack: It's Christmas-time
Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee

Edd, Eddy: Heh, heh, heh . . . heh . . .

Unfortunately, Jack noticed how weak that last laugh was. He turned to Double D and Eddy. “Are you two all right?” he asked them.

“Oh, uh, yes,” Double D lied.

“Uh, yeah,” said Eddy. “Just . . . jitters.”

“Oh . . . ” said Jack. “Well, that’s all right. To tell you the truth, boys, I’m a bit nervous myself. But it will all be worth it once Sandy Claws gets here!”

“Yes, I’m sure it will, Jack . . . ” said Double D.

Eddy and Double D looked at each other and tried to smile, but all they could do was hang their heads in shame. The Stouthearted Eds didn’t feel so stouthearted anymore.


The feeling wasn’t any better in Christmas Town either. Ed was frantically running through the knee-deep snow. He just had to make it to Santa’s house so he could warn him! He couldn’t let those nasty brats do anything to harm him! Ed was going to prove once and for all that he was a good elf.

Ed finally found Santa’s workshop . . . just in time to see Lock, Shock, and Barrel throwing a sack over the jolly old elf’s head.

Chapter 8.

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Ed Edd n Eddy (c) Danny Antonucci
The Nightmare Before Christmas (c) Tim Burton, Henry Selick
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