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“You know, we just left, but I already miss Christmas Town,” Jack was saying to Eddy and Double D.

“Why?” asked Eddy. “You’re bringing most of it back with you.”

Jack had Eddy and Double D help him go around Christmas Town, filling a huge sack with things to take back to Halloween Town. However, when they were done collecting things, they realized that the sack was too heavy for them to carry. So Jack had resorted to tying the sack to the back of a nearby snowmobile.

Now they were riding back home, with Jack driving (even though the snowmobile was too small for him, so his knees were up by his head), Eddy and Double D riding on the top of the sack, and Zero floating close by.

“I still can’t believe we couldn’t find Ed,” said Eddy.

“I told you to look for him while we were collecting things,” said Double D.

“No, you didn’t!” said Eddy. “First, I said, ‘There is no way we’re helping Jack go around and collect things to bring back to Halloween Town,’ then he came up right behind us and shrieked, then you started crying, and then I said, ‘Okay, fine! But then we need to look for Ed.’ And now we’re here, still without an Ed!”

“I wasn’t crying!” protested Double D.

“Well, you were gonna,” grumbled Eddy.

“Um, I hate to interrupt this very interesting conversation, but we’re almost to Halloween Town,” said Jack.

“Oh. Right,” said Double D.

“Fine,” said Eddy.


Apparently, the townspeople weren’t used to Jack disappearing for a long period of time, because as soon as they drove in, a crowd gathered, asking if Jack was all right and where he had been.

“Where were you?” asked the Mayor. Then he saw Eddy and Double D atop the huge sack. “And who are those two?” he added, pointing to them.

“Call a town meeting and I’ll tell everyone about it,” said Jack.

“When?” asked the Mayor.

“Immediately!” said Jack.


Later that night, all of the townspeople were gathering at the town hall. Eddy and Double D were already there. There was a stage at the front of the town hall, and the curtains were closed. The two boys were backstage with a small Christmas tree they had taken from Christmas Town. Jack had instructed them to sit on stools and hold their props until he needed them.

“This is stupid,” said Eddy, holding a big red stocking. “We should be looking for Ed.”

“Oh come now, Eddy,” said Double D, who was holding a present. “Jack said this wouldn’t take long. We’ll have plenty of time to look for Ed after the meeting is over.”

“Yeah, well I don’t like this one bit,” said Eddy. “Jack’s got something much bigger in mind. I can tell . . . ”

“Oh Eddy,” said Double D. “What could possibly go wrong?”

At that moment, Jack stepped out from behind the curtain to address the crowd.

“Listen everyone,” Eddy and Double D heard him say. “I want to tell you about Christmas Town.” Then the tone of Jack’s voice changed. Eddy could definitely tell what was coming . . .

Jack: There were objects so peculiar
They were not to be believed
All around, things to tantalize my brain

It's a world unlike anything I've ever seen
And as hard as I try
I can't seem to describe
Like a most improbable dream

But you must believe when I tell you this
It's as real as my skull and it does exist
Here, let me show you

Then, without warning, Jack pulled the curtain back, exposing Eddy, Double D, and the Christmas tree to the awestruck crowd. Eddy and Double D had to shield their eyes from the sudden bright light.

“Corneas . . . ” Double D whispered. He was so busy keeping his hands in front of his eyes that he almost didn’t notice Jack taking the present from his lap.

Jack: This is a thing called a present
The whole thing starts with a box

Devil: A box?
Is it steel?

Werewolf: Are there locks?

Harlequin Demon: Is it filled with a pox?

Devil, Werewolf, Harlequin Demon: A pox
How delightful, a pox

Eddy held in snickers. Deep in the back of his mind, he figured something like this might happen.

Jack: If you please
Just a box with bright-colored paper
And the whole thing's topped with a bow

Witches: A bow?
But why?
How ugly
What's in it?
What's in it?

Edd: That's the point of the thing, not to know

Clown: It's a bat
Will it bend?

Creature Under the Stairs: It's a rat
Will it break?

Undersea Gal: Perhaps it’s the head that I found in the lake

Jack: Listen now, you don't understand
That's not the point of Christmas-land


I’ll say it isn’t,” thought Eddy. Now he was forcing a very loud laughter from escaping his throat. He knew he still had to find Ed, and now wasn’t the time to be making fun of Jack, but the look on Jack’s face was just priceless! He looked so funny when he was confused! But Eddy immediately forced a straight face when Jack gestured to him. He quickly handed his stocking to the Pumpkin King, then went back to suppressing his laughter.


Jack: Now, pay attention
We pick up an oversized sock
And hang it like this on the wall

Mr. Hyde: Oh, yes! Does it still have a foot?

Medium Mr. Hyde: Let me see, let me look

Small Mr. Hyde: Is it rotted and covered with gook?

Jack: Um, let Eddy explain

Eddy froze. He had been caught off-guard. Had he heard Jack right? He felt the red go right to his cheeks as his mind raced.

Eddy: Uh . . . there's no foot inside, but there's candy
Or sometimes it's filled with small toys

Mummy, Winged Demon: Small toys

Winged Demon: Do they bite?

Mummy: Do they snap?

Winged Demon: Or explode in a sack?

Corpse Kid: Or perhaps they just spring out
And scare girls and boys

Mayor: What a splendid idea
This Christmas sounds fun
I fully endorse it
Let's try it at once

Jack looked at the crowd, then glanced at Double D and Eddy. Double D gave a polite smile, while Eddy just shrugged. Jack turned his attention back to the crowd.

Jack: Everyone, please now, not so fast
There's something here that you don't quite grasp
Well, I may as well give them what they want

And the best, I must confess, I have saved for the last
For the ruler of this Christmas-land
Is a fearsome king with a deep mighty voice
Least that's what I've come to understand

And I've also heard it told
That he's something to behold
Like a lobster, huge and red
When he sets out to slay with his rain gear on
Carting bulging sacks with his big great arms
That is, so I've heard it said

As Eddy listened to Jack’s description of the ruler of Christmas Town, the red went to his cheeks again, but for a different reason this time. Jack was so engrossed with the crowd that he didn’t even notice Eddy getting up from his seat and walking over to his Christmas tree . . .

Jack: And on a dark cold night
Under full moonlight
He flies into a fog
Like a vulture in the sky
And they call him . . . Sandy Claws

This really got the crowd going. They began to talk amongst themselves, saying how fun Christmas sounded and how much they wanted to try it. But even so, there was still one person in the room who was unhappy . . .

Jack: Well, at least they're excited
But they don't understand
That special kind of feeling in Christmas-land
Oh, well . . .

That was when Jack turned to talk to Eddy and Double D, only to find that they were no longer in their seats. He quickly looked around the room, but his helpers were nowhere to be found. Upon closer inspection, Jack also discovered that all of the little glass Christmas balls were missing from his Christmas tree . . .
Chapter 5.

Songs featured: Town Meeting Song

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Ed Edd n Eddy (c) Danny Antonucci
The Nightmare Before Christmas (c) Tim Burton, Henry Selick
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